A Whitley East Elementary School student was selected as the Whitley County Winner of the 2016-2017 Grandparent of the Year essay contest sponsored by AARP Kentucky and the Kentucky Retired Teachers’ Association. (KRTA)

Macy Paul, daughter of  Becky and Ricky Paul, is among thousands of Kentucky fifth graders who participated in the 16th Annual Essay Competition. Students submitted essays answering why “My Grandparent should be the AARP Kentucky Grandparent of the Year” to their 5th grade teachers who selected the school’s winner.

Winning school entries were then submitted to the local Retired Teachers Association where a committee selected the county winner. In her winning essay, Macy chose to recognize her grandfather, Robert Woliver, for his “unconditional love” and “always being there” for her. She concluded by writing “by my Grandpa winning this award it would give me the chance to show him that everything he does and is does not go unnoticed. It would be an opportunity to let him know just how special he is to me and what a great example he has been for me and just a shining light to everyone who knows him.”

Macy’s essay was entered into district competition, and, if she is fortunate enough to win there, will become eligible to participate in state finals.  The state winner will be recognized at the Annual KRTA Convention in Louisville on April 25, 2017 and will also receive a $100 award.

The essay competition is a unique way to recognize the significant contributions that older Kentuckians make toward shaping the lives and values of youth across the Commonwealth. Across the country and in Kentucky, an increasing number of adults 50 and over are the primary caregivers to minor children. The 2010 census showed nearly 87,000 grandchildren in Kentucky live with grandparents who are responsible for their day to day care. The Whitley Area Retired Teachers’ Association (WARTA) is pleased to recognize and commend Macy Paul and her grandfather, Robert Woliver.