A green Jeep reportedly seen throughout the area whose occupants claim to be checking power poles for Cumberland Valley Electric, are doing just that.

Whitley County Constable Ron “Bubba” Bowling said numerous residents have reported the vehicle and the occupants to law enforcement after the individuals were seen walking behind numerous residences throughout the area.

Cumberland Valley Electric officials put out a statement Monday saying the individuals were not their employees and advising anyone who saw the vehicle or the individuals to report it to authorities.

Bowling said he received a tip Tuesday morning that the Jeep was parked behind the Speedway gas station on Cumberland Falls Hwy. in Corbin.

Bowling spoke with the occupants, who confirmed they were subcontractors working for the electric company.

“They are actually inspecting each utility pole,” Bowling said. “They showed me the laptop and software they are using.”

“They had ID, safety vests, and the flashing yellow light on top of the jeep,” Bowling added.

Bowling said he informed them about the number of calls and the statement the electric company had posted.

Bowling said he advised them not to run off if residents approached them and to contact the judge-executive’s office to inform them of the areas of the county in which they would be working.

Finally, Bowling said he asked them to have their bosses speak with officials at the electric company to ensure everyone knows when and where they are working.

“There is no foul play involved,” Bowling said. “This has been blown all out of proportion.”