Harvey Alder

A Whitley County Sheriff’s Department bailiff, who is normally the one taking people to jail, found himself on the other side of the law early Thursday morning when he was arrested by someone from his own department.

Sheriff’s Lt. Dennis Foley charged bailiff Harvey J. Alder, 43, and two other men, Jamie Prewitt, 32, and Nathan Waters, 30, all of Williamsburg, with alcohol intoxication in a public place about 3:30 a.m. and lodged them in the Whitley County Detention Center.

All three were released on bond shortly after 7 a.m., according to Jail Tracker.

Sheriff Colan Harrell said that Alder was on voluntary leave for a few days but returned to duty Monday morning. Harrell said he will wait until the case is adjudicated in court before handing down any administrative punishment.

"As to what is going to happen, I have not sat down and talked to him as of yet, but I will before it is over and we will determine the action that we will take," Harrell said.

"These kind of actions will not be condoned by this department. There will have to be some kind of action taken on it. I have not yet determined what. We don’t eliminate anything at this point."

Harrell said that he hasn’t thoroughly investigated the matter yet, but as he understands it Foley was apparently on routine patrol when he came across Alder and the two other men walking along a roadway.

"There wasn’t any kind of call on them. There wasn’t a disturbance. They were there when he came through," Harrell added.
According to arrest citations, the trio was standing in the roadway about 1:55 a.m. near the intersection of Highway 90 and US25W.

All three had blood shot eye, slurred speech, were unsteady on their feet and had the odor of alcoholic beverages on them, Foley wrote on arrest citations.

The trio all reportedly failed three field sobriety tests and had blood alcohol readings in excess of the legal limit of 0.08.

Waters had a blood alcohol level of 0.115, Prewitt had a 0.179 blood alcohol level and Alder had a 0.202 blood alcohol level, Foley wrote.

Alder allegedly told police that he had a "few to drink" at a Corbin restaurant, according to his arrest citation.

Alder has worked for the department for about 18 months as a court bailiff and transport officer primarily working courthouse security at the justice center. Up until now, Alder has not been involved in any kind of disciplinary issues.

"There have never been any kind of problems with Harvey at all," Harrell noted.