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$250,000 W’burg project will upgrade fire hydrants, water lines

Water. It was the primary topic of discussion during Monday’s monthly Williamsburg City Council meeting where the council gave Mayor Roddy Harrison the go ahead to look into financing for an approximately $250,000 project. The project includes replacement of some older fire...
Posted On 17 Aug 2017

W’burg City Hall now exchange site for online purchases

If you are buying something off of Craig’s List or a similar site and are looking for a safe place to make the exchange, then look no further than Williamsburg City Hall. City leaders officially announced during Monday’s monthly city council meeting that city hall is being...
Posted On 13 Jul 2017

If approved, W’burg water, sewer customers will face rate hike

If the Williamsburg City Council approves a proposed rate increase during a special meeting next Monday, then three years from now the average Williamsburg resident, who has both water and sewer service, will be paying a combined $10.16 more per month on both bills than what they...
Posted On 14 Jun 2017

Water, sewer rate hikes coming for W’burg residents

Williamsburg residents can expect a series of rate hikes on their water and sewer bills over the next five years. You need to login to view the rest of the content. Please Login. Not a Member? Join Us
Posted On 10 May 2017

Whitley Co. Needle Exchange progressing, but showing little visible impact so far

Whitley County Public Health Director Martha Steele and Tamara Phelps, a registered nurse supervisor of public health at the health department, addressed the Williamsburg City Council about the needle exchange program Monday. Williamsburg Police Sgt. Brandon White, who is seen in...
Posted On 10 May 2017

W’burg council adds 911 fee to water bills, but still not happy about it

Williamsburg has begun adding a $3 per month charge onto its water bills to help fund the Whitley County E-911 Communication Center, but city officials still aren’t real happy about being told by a county entity what they have to do. You need to login to view the rest of the...
Posted On 15 Mar 2017

W’burg police, health department at odds over needle exchange program

Williamsburg Police Sgt. Brandon White and Whitley County Health Department Public Health Director Martha Steele compare some data during a debate Monday over the needle exchange program. Is the Whitley County Health Department’s needle exchange program a way to keep IV drug...
Posted On 15 Mar 2017

W’burg sewer bills expected to rise steadily

Williamsburg residents will soon be paying more on their sewer bills and will likely be seeing steady increases for the next several years in order to pay for necessary repairs and improvements to the city’s wastewater treatment system. Earlier this month, the Kentucky...
Posted On 15 Feb 2017

W’burg councilwomen want fire hydrants painted decoratively

If some Williamsburg City Council members have their way, city fire hydrants could be getting a little more decorative in the near future. During Monday’s monthly meeting, the council discussed the issue of fire hydrants and the possibility of replacing some of them....
Posted On 12 Jan 2017

Despite increased alcohol sales, alcohol-related DUI’s remain rare in W’burg

Last year Williamsburg residents voted to allow alcohol sales by the package and to make it easier for restaurants to sell alcohol by the drink, but the change hasn’t resulted in more alcohol related driving while under the influence arrests. Chief Wayne Bird told the...
Posted On 11 Jan 2017