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Thank you to the essential workers

With the year 2020 nearly behind us, I wanted to take a few moments this week to say “thank you” to all of the essential workers out there who have helped us get through the difficulties of the past nine months. Of course, this includes all of the medical professionals who have...
Posted On 02 Jan 2021
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From the cheap seats: A few thoughts as I settle into sports

This week’s edition of The News Journal marks my third week covering sports. It has been an exciting time with high school football in the midst of the playoffs. Being a Wednesday paper, my goal has been not to spend a lot of time recapping the past week’s games. Instead, I try...

Poe on the stage, Halloween on the screen

It was a different kind of Halloween for many different reasons this year, but all-in-all I think it will definitely go down as one of the most memorable of my life. Our family dressed up as characters from the movie Toy Story, with me as Woody, my wife, Lindsey, as Bo Peep, our...
Posted On 05 Nov 2020
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Virtual lessons have been fun, but it’s back to school for my son on Sept. 28

I was glad to hear the announcement from Governor Andy Beshear on Monday that his office would not be making any more recommendations on the start of in-person classes at this time. This means that on September 28, parents will definitely have the option to send their kids back...
Posted On 21 Sep 2020
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Against all odds, it’s time to play ball in KY

We have been on quite the journey since the coronavirus came along and changed all of our lives this past March. For student-athletes, the up-and-down roller coaster of emotions has been nearly unbearable to watch, but we are now finally about to get back to sports in the...
Posted On 04 Sep 2020
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Riding in a 1940 Chevy truck a great way to escape the worries of 2020

I’m no mechanic, but lately I have been receiving a crash course in how to keep a 1940 model Chevrolet truck running. It’s been a very cool experience. The truck, in all of its original glory, was completely restored by my grandfather. The story of how he came to own it is quite...
Posted On 31 Aug 2020
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Several coaching changes have taken place recently in our coverage area

As many of you already know, I have served as the Sports Editor here at the News Journal since late 2013. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been much sports to be discussed lately thanks to COVID, but that should be changing soon. In the near future we are hoping to bring you a 2020...
Posted On 09 Aug 2020
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Congratulations to this year’s People’s Choice winners

Inside last week’s paper was a special insert containing the names of the people, places and things that you, the News Journal readers, voted as People’s Choice in Corbin and Williamsburg for 2020. Typically, we would announce these winners sometime in April/May, but due to...
Posted On 03 Aug 2020
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NIBROC cancellation is a punch to the gut

I knew it was coming, but still, it didn’t make it any easier to hear the news last Wednesday that this year’s NIBROC festival has been officially called off. Over the past eight years or so I have really grown to love downtown Corbin’s annual festival. As an employee of the News...
Posted On 06 Jul 2020
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For many folks, COVID-19 appears to already be a thing of the past

Let me preface this column by saying I am not a medical expert, and my intention here is not to give my “professional opinion” about anything concerning the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. With that being said, it is clear to me that a large chunk of our population is simply no longer...
Posted On 29 Jun 2020
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