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Yes, 2020 did stink and the New Year has to be better!

Following up on what Mark has written, yes 2020 stunk! To top it off I spent the holidays coughing my head off with bronchitis. Try to find medical help on Christmas Eve. Other than the Emergency room at the hospital you’re out of luck. I came back to the publisher’s desk here at...
Posted On 04 Jan 2021

The Grinch, 2020 both ‘stink, stank, stunk’

There’s a line from the song, “You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch,” which pretty well sums up the year that was 2020. “You stink, stank, stunk!” Unless you, a close relative or a close friend had a new baby in 2020 or you hit the Powerball big time, then chances are you HATED 2020....
Posted On 04 Jan 2021