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Out and About Kentucky Style: Legendary Al Smith remembered

My first encounter with legendary journalist and KET host Al Smith was in late 1973, where he was publishing the Logan Leader newspaper in Russellville. At the time I ran a monthly advertising publication out of Bowling Green, but printed it in Indiana. I wanted to get closer to...
Posted On 05 Apr 2021

Out & About Kentucky Style … the Prestonsburg bus crash

The day had begun with so much hope. Spring was just around the corner as the yellow school bus picked up its last student and was headed to the Prestonsburg Elementary and High School three miles away. It was 8:10 a.m., and US 23 had its usual amount of traffic. Gary West is an...
Posted On 22 Feb 2021

Out & About Ky. Style: Sportscenter

Before Rupp Arena . . . before the Yum Center . . . before Memorial Coliseum . . . before Freedom Hall . . . before Diddle Arena there was the Sportscenter in Owensboro. Basketball for decades has been searching for the ultimate place to play and be watched by thousands of fans....
Posted On 01 Feb 2021

Out and About Kentucky Style: Car Ferries Around the State

I’ve found myself trying to come up with something, anything, to get out of the house. Things are better than they were, but not much. “Let’s go for a ride,” my wife says. “Anywhere.” There has been times the ride meant downtown, around the square, thru the campus of Western...
Posted On 24 Nov 2020

Out & About KY Style: Randy Embry

Randy Embry has never really thought about being anyplace else but in Owensboro. It was at Owensboro High School where he gained a reputation as a player and coach that put him in legendary status in a town as rich in athletics as any in the state.
Posted On 29 Sep 2020
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Out & About KY Style… Drive-In Theaters

Back in 2004 I wrote an article for a statewide publication about drive-in theaters in Kentucky and how they had pretty much become a thing of the past. Twelve years later I wrote another one. In the late 50s and into the 60s there were 117, almost one per county, from one end of...
Posted On 22 Sep 2020

Out & About Kentucky Style: Postcard Collections

Coins and stamps are the two most collectible hobbies in the world. But do you know what is third? Postcards. “It usually starts with seeing one at a yard sale, or flea market that shows a hometown or place of interest, says Ray Buckberry, a Bowling Green collector. Buckberry,...
Posted On 14 Aug 2020

Out & About Kentucky Style… Steve Nally

I’ve been writing this column since 2002, and because of it I have been able to meet and even become personal friends with quite a few interesting people. One of those is Steve Nally. Bourbon master distiller Steve Nally is a big believer in the bottom to the top business...
Posted On 19 Jul 2020

‘I was lucky to have known him,’ Remembering the great Rodger Bird

Rodger Bird stood in his own end zone waiting for the Virginia Tech kicker to get the 1963 University of Kentucky football season underway. He was a sophomore playing his first varsity game (freshman were ineligible back then) and a sold out Stoll Field in Lexington was waiting...
Posted On 08 Jun 2020

News Journal columnist releases new book detailing murder-for-hire in Kentucky

Kentucky author and News Journal columnist Gary P. West has a newly released book that details a 1975 murder-for-hire on the outskirts of Elizabethtown, Kentucky. West spent two years researching the crime that ultimately killed the wife of the intended victim. For more than a...
Posted On 01 Jun 2020
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