Bena Mae Seivers

Bena Mae Seivers Bena Mae Seivers April 30, 1927-July 14, 2016 By Steve Seivers My Mom, Brought to us as Bena Mae Estep, one of 13 siblings of Hobert and Elizabeth Estep and raised in Corbin, Kentucky. Her family was brought to Clinton, Tennessee for the Manhattan Project in 1943. She went to [...]

My life and times at the Anderson County Jail

Bena Mae Seivers My life and times at the Anderson County Jail From 1974 to 1986 I was secretary to the sheriff in Clinton, TN. I could write a book about my experiences there, but out of respect to others I’ll just stick to the facts as they happened to me personally. My [...]

89 and holding

Bena Mae Seivers 89 and holding In a couple weeks, April 30 to be exact, I will be 89 years-old. On May 2, my son Steve will be 64. My Tennessee family will be celebrating our birthdays along with watching the KY Derby which is always held on the closest day to our [...]

Revenge – not so sweet after all

Bena Mae Seivers Revenge, and how it can hurt the “revenger” more than the “revengee” brought to mind a story about how it backfired on one fine lady. The story was told at a church luncheon I attended several years ago in Kingston, TN. There were about forty members present and after the [...]

Don’t push my buttons

Bena Mae Seivers Don’t push my buttons Woke up one morning last week, had a good breakfast, got ready to go for a doctor’s appointment. It was a pleasant sunny drive to the doctor’s office, clouds and clouds of blooming Bradford pear trees and redwoods along the river, a beautiful panorama and proof [...]

In case your brain has turned to mush

In case your brain has turned to mush Bena Mae Seivers Need a breather from the incessant and insulting commentary coming from your television these days? Scenes of cringe worthy “experts” fighting for air time to educate you on what you should be thinking about politics or the world at large when they [...]

Write-offs or how to deduct an ostrich

Write-offs or how to deduct an ostrich Bena Mae Seivers When my husband was alive he always filled out our tax returns. But when he died, it was left up to me to file them. I approached the task with fear and trepidation and the sense that Big Brother was breathing down my [...]