Corbin Police are searching for the man who has passed at least $600 in counterfeit bills at various businesses over the last four days.

According to Maj. Rob Jones, public affairs officer, the six $100 bills have been passed at Tri-County Cineplex, Morton’s Drug, Save Rite Pharmacy and Kroger on U.S. 25E on four separate occasions.

The first bill showed up at the movie theatre on June 6. Morton’s and Save Rite were targeted on June 7 and three were found at Kroger Tuesday.

"Each time, the suspect came in and bought about $20 worth of stuff and got about $80 back on each transaction," Jones said.

The bills each have different serial numbers and will pass the test when the clerk swipes them with the marker. However, Jones said inconsistencies may be seen when looking at Ben Franklin’s eyes on the portrait or by examining the back of the bill

"You can also tell by the texture, especially if you wad it up," Jones said. "It just doesn’t feel right."

 In addition to the video surveillance of the suspect, police have video of the SUV they believe he is driving. Jones said it is a dark colored Dodge Durango or Journey with Florida tags.

Police have been in contact with officers in Barbourville, London and Williamsburg, but the suspect has not reportedly attempted to pass the counterfeit bill there.

Laurel County Sheriff’s Deputy Gilbert Acciardo, the department’s public affairs officer, said none of the deputies or detectives have reported any complaints of counterfeit bills in north Corbin.

Anyone with information about the suspect or the SUV is asked to contact Jones or Det. Bill Rose, 528-1122.