A Corbin woman is facing felony drug charges following a meth lab tip early Tuesday morning.
While at the scene, they found a six-month-old child living in the apartment.
The investigation began when Knox Deputy Brian Hensley received an anonymous tip of a possible meth lab at an apartment located on Claire Drive in Spider Creek Apartments in Knox County, according to Hensley.
“Upon arrival, we were able to make entry into the apartment,” Hensley said, noting that the resident, 43-year-old Debra Cassidy, consented to entry and search of the apartment.
“While searching, we located lots of drug paraphernalia. We were able to locate several meth precursors, pretty much in every room – the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom,” he said, adding that their search also revealed a quantity of finished meth hidden in the apartment.
“Also during the search we were able to find several firearms,” Hensley said, as well as several other “destructive items.”
He said they also found two disposed labs in the trash behind the apartment and one in a dumpster, adding that Cassidy admitted they were hers.
“We are still investigating it and are looking at leads of a couple more people being involved,” he said.
Hensley said that due to the presence of a number of firearms, including a sawed-off shotgun, a .3030 rifle, and a 9mm pistol, as well as firearms and other items, the Federal Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Bureau has joined in the case.
“All of the guns were loaded and ready to be used,” he said, noting that all were within easy reach of a child. “The shotgun was under the master bed, the 9mm was on the bed under a pillow, and the rifle was in the baby’s room in the closet,” he explained.
He noted that because the meth labs were not active and had been disposed of, they did not have to call in a KSP clean-up crew.
Cassidy was charged with first-degree manufacturing meth with enhancement of a firearm, controlled substance endangerment to a child, unlawful possession of meth precursors, possession of drug paraphernalia, first-degree possession of controlled substance (meth), third-degree possession of controlled substance, and possession of marijuana.
Hensley said because Cassidy had finished meth hidden in her undergarments when she was searched at the Knox Detention Center, she was charged with promoting contraband.
She was lodged in the jail in lieu of a $25,000 cash bond.