As of Friday, Aug. 17, the Redhounds under Coach Steve Jewell will officially open the 2012 season against the Clark County Cardinals.

Last year when the two teams opened the season at Winchester, the Cardinals had too much speed for the Redhounds and came away with the opening game win.

The one attribute that cannot be taught is speed; a coaching staff can help develop quickness through drills. They can build strength through working in the weight room.

I am eager to see the game Friday with Clark County, The Lexington Herald-Leader has Corbin ranked 10th in Class 3A. They only other team in Corbin’s district that is rated in the top 10 is Bell County, who is rated fourth in 3A state.

I also was surprised to see that neither Bell County or Corbin had a player rated in the top 50 players in the state. Knox Central’s Jeffrey Canady was listed as one of the best 50 players. Canady comes from a very athletic family. I remember Ray Canady was an outstanding athlete at Barbourville High School when I was still in school. Ray is Jeffrey’s grandfather.

Knox Central is rated seventh in Class 4A. These ratings were made by a coach’s survey.


The Kentucky Wildcats of Coach Joker Phillips are preparing themselves for a game with Louisville. The game may be the most important of Coach Phillips career to this point and time. If ticket sales are any way of forecasting coach Phillips career as head coach at the University of Kentucky then he must win over Louisville.

One of the reasons Joker changed a good bit of his coaching staff was to hire coaches who were more effective recruiters.

 It appears to me that little has changed in their recruiting efforts, they seldom if ever, land higher than a three star prospect.

Two years ago they signed two five-star quarterbacks in Morgan Newton and Ryan Mossakowski. Mossakowski left after one year and Newton has shown no promise.

It all goes back to the hiring of Bill Curry. If someone had thought about it, there was a man named Howard Schnellenberger who happened to be an outstanding player, and was considered one of the best coaches in the country.

As things stand, the University of Kentucky may as well stick with Joker and make the best of it.

There are no Howard Schnellenberger’s out there and even if there were, why would they want to come to the graveyard of coaches?

The offensive coordinator Randy Sanders made a statement that true freshman John Towles had a lot to learn. Towles led Fort Thomas Highlands to 38 wins and one loss and three state championships. Perhaps it might work better if everyone else would run the offense that Towles ran at Highlands. Certainly, it was more successful than Sanders effort.

 Little League

I watched several Little League Baseball games during the past week on TV and what caught my attention the most was the poor jobs done by the umpires. I could not believe the strike zone in the judgment of the umpires. I realize the umpires are probably not professionals, but surely they can find someone with better judgment to officiate games that means so much to these kids.