Wayne County put a very good ball club on the field Friday night and confirmed my suspicion that they may be a force to deal with come playoff time.

The Redhounds are in a position now that the Bell County Bobcats will be a must win when they come to Corbin in two weeks.

It is a three horse race with the Bobcats in the favorable position by virtue of Bell County’s win over Wayne County, but should the Redhounds upset Bell County, it will be a traffic jam at the top.

 Reunions to be held

This weekend there will be a reunion for classes ’58, ’59, ’60, ’61 and I believe ’62. As I was going back I was looking at the football teams from that era.

One of those teams that caught my attention was the ’58 football team. The Redhounds opened with a five-game winning streak. The Dixie Heights powerhouse team from Northern Kentucky was shocked in the first game of the season as Billy Bird raced to a 65-yard yard touchdown dash on the first play of the game. He followed up with three more runs behind the blocking of Fred Rader, Jesse Grant, Lanny Myers, Amos Miller, Dallas Hart, Rodney Barton, Keith Hutson, D.L. Lynch, Bobby White on the line and Bobby Croley and Duane Hart as lead blockers out of the backfield.

Ron “Crusier” Boone had a great season as he quarterbacked beautifully week after week making clutch throws.

Boone threw to Keith Huston for a touchdown and a 7-0 win over Harlan. Boone also threw three touchdown passes against Louisville Manual in a 20-21 loss to the Crimson.

The Redhounds lost 6-7 to Somerset in a game where Lynch and White were named Players of the Week for that game.

The other loss of the season was to Danville in a 12-14 setback.

This team lost three games by a total of four points.


The Kentucky Wildcats played very well for one half before South Carolina turned the table and blasted the Cats 38-17 Saturday night.

I suppose Coach Joker Phillips had decided to red shirt Pat Towles this season. I remember how excited Coach Phillips was a couple of years ago when they signed Morgan Newton and how he would lead the program back to respectability. So much for that.


I understand that a former all-time great Redhound and University of Kentucky player, Calvin Bird, had surgery last week. I understand Calvin is doing well, but we want to keep him in our prayers.

I was a couple of years behind Calvin in high school, but I can recall his accomplishments vividly. Calvin was a player like none of us had ever seen.