The Corbin Redhounds played very well against South Laurel Friday evening. I am really impressed with the effort that Matt Jewell exhibits as he runs through, over and around the defense. The offensive line dominated the Cardinals behind Zack Ingle, Cody Deaton, Cody Harp and sophomore Tanner Powers knocking people down as a lead blocker from the backfield.

The players that caught my eye were Matt Jewell and Josh Jewell, who has hands that remind me of the way Steve Bird used to catch the ball and that puts Josh in pretty good company.

Grant Grigsby played an outstanding game on defense. Grigsby is a tall young man with excellent quickness and South Laurel could not figure out how to block him.

The Powers’ brothers, Tanner and Austin joined with a very quick Cai Jackson and Cody Harp to make life miserable for the Cardinal quarterback.

It’s a week off for the Redhounds now and they will prepare for a Wayne County team that may have its best team ever.

 Old Friends

I sat next to Sammy Sturgill at the South Laurel game Friday and we talked about Sammy’s senior season of 1954.

That season was very interesting to say the least. The Redhounds began a journey from a season (1953) when they never won a game under Coach Bill Conde to an undefeated state championship team in 1955.

In the 1954 season, Pineville was loaded with talent led by an All-State player named Ledger Howard. Middlesboro was thought to be the next best team in the mountains that year.

Corbin played Middlesboro and the Redhounds won the game, 7-6, thanks to a blocked extra point attempt by Sturgill.

Corbin then had an open date and many took the opportunity to watch what was thought to be a very competitive game between Middlesboro and Pineville. It was not to be as the Mountain Lions annihilated Middlesboro, 81-0.

It would be easy to assume that Pineville, who was rated number one in the state, would be a prohibited favorite over the Redhounds.

Not to be, however, as Corbin downed Pineville 18-6. Coach Bill Tucker coached that 1954 Redhound team and the next year, the 1955 state championship team.

Coach Tucker left Corbin a couple of years later, but the Redhounds would not lose a game for another 10 years against a mountain team.


Whoever is in charge of keeping the playing field in good shape is doing an excellent job. The caretaker must put in a lot of time.

 Color to the Games

I think Dave Cox and Burley Foley are doing a fine job on the broadcast of the Redhounds’ games. Dave is very accurate on the play by play, and Burley is the best color man I have heard. Burley has terrific insight as to the game of high school football.


I would imagine the Athletic Director at the University of Kentucky is under a great deal of strain. I believe that Mitch Barnhart has everything going in a good direction with the exception of the football program. I feel Coach Joker Phillips is a good man, but his chance of suriving are slim and none.

Barnhart would like to continue with Phillips as head coach, but with ticket sales as low as they are, there is nothing that A.D. can do at this point to help the situation.

I will take a wild stab at whom they might hire. Bobby Petrino needs a job and Barnhart a miracle worker. It may be a fit.