Pursuant to Application No 874-5008, Renewal

In accordance with the provisions of KRS 350.055, notice is hereby given that Southfork Coal Co., 80 Terrace Drive, Bristol, VA. 24202, has applied for a renewal of an existing underground coal mining and reclamation operation located 1.3 miles southeast of Hollyhill in McCreary and Whitley Counties, Kentucky. The operation disturbs 14.47 acres and underlies an additional 105.0 acres for a total of 119.47 acres within the permit boundary.

The operation is located approximately 0.8 miles southwest of the junction of KY Route 478 with KY. Route 92, and approximately 0.6 miles southeast of the Pleasant Run stream. The latitude is 36 degrees, 39 minutes, and 37 seconds, and the longitude is 84 degrees, 18 minutes, and 31 seconds.

The operation is located on the Hollyhill USGS 7 2 Minute Quadrangle Map. The disturbed surface is owned by Joe Patrick, Terry E. Forcht and Bobby K. Mays. The operation will underlie land owned by Joe Patrick and Terry E. Forcht.

The application has been filed for public inspection at the Department of Surface Mining, Reclamation and Enforcement’s Middlesboro Regional Office, 1804 East Cumberland Avenue, Middlesboro, KY 40906. Written comments, objections or requests for a permit conference must be filed with the Director, Division of Permits, #2 Hudson Hollow, U.S. 127 South, Frankfort, KY 40601.



Alden Resources LLC, 332 West Cumberland Gap Parkway, Suite 100, Corbin, Kentucky 40701; telephone (606) 523-9760, shall conduct blasting operations on its 193.79 acre surface mine permit, located approximately 2.26 miles south of Nevisdale in Whitley County.

The proposed operation is approximately 2.26 miles south from Gatliff Road’s junction with KY 904 and located near the head of Patterson Creek.

The latitude is 36° 39’ 31”and the longitude is 84° 02’ 37”.  The surface area on which blasting operations will be conducted is owned by Andy Shelton Heirs and Gibbs & St. Clair Heirs.

Blasting will be conducted each day Monday through Saturday during daylight hours.  No blasting will be conducted after official sunset.  This schedule shall be in effect from July 2012 to July 2013.

Any major alterations to the blasting schedule will be published.  Unscheduled blasting may occur in emergency situations when rain, lightning or other atmospheric conditions or operator or public safety requires unscheduled detonation.  The nearby residents will be notified of the unscheduled blast by the most appropriate means and the blast shall then proceed as a regular blast.  Entry to the blasting area will be regulated by signs or barriers.  An authorized company representative will prohibit access to the blasting area by unauthorized persons at least five (5) minutes before each detonation and until the all clear signal is sounded. A pre-detonation warning signal consisting of a one (1) minute series of long blasts from an air horn five (5) minutes prior to blast signal will be given. One minute prior to shot detonation three (3) short blasts of an air horn will be given. The post detonation all clear signal will be one (1) long blast of an air horn following inspection of the blast site. These signals will be audible within one half mile of the blasting site. This notice is published pursuant to CFR 715.19 Surface Mining and Reclamation and Enforcement Provisions and KRS 350.220 and the regulations relating thereto.  The Kentucky DMRE Permit Number is 918-0427.



In accordance with the provisions of KRS 350.093, notice is hereby given that G & S Coal, Inc., 11016 Highway 92 East, Williamsburg, KY 40769, has applied for a combined Phase II and III bond release of Permit No. 918-5172, which was last issued on 5-18-2007. This application covers an area of 8.5 acres of surface area and located 1.2 miles southeast of Gausdale in Whitley County.

The permit area is approximately 0.75 mile northeast of Power Branch Road’s junction with KY Route 11, and 0.25 mile north of Powers Branch. The latitude is 36 44’ 21”. The longitude is 83 58’ 09”.

The KY Bonding Pool bond now in effect is $9,400.00, of which approximately 100 percent is requested to be included in this phase of bond release.

Reclamation work performed includes: As of April 15, 2012, the mine site has been revegetated and the post mining land use of pastureland has been achieved.

Written comments, objections, and requests for a public hearing must be submitted to the Cabinet at: Director, Division of Mine Reclamation Enforcement, #2 Hudson Hollow, Frankfort, KY 40601, by September 1, 2012.

A public hearing has been scheduled for 9:00 a.m. On September 5, 2012, at the DMRE Middlesboro Regional Office, 1804 E. Cumberland Ave., Middlesboro, KY 40965. This hearing will be canceled if the Cabinet does not receive a request in writing for the public hearing by September 1, 2012.



Jason Todd Cox, 9610 Hwy 92E, Williamsburg, KY 40769 was appointed Administrator, June 12, 2012, over the estate of Wanda Lou Lawson Cox, deceased.

Patricia Miller, 631 Brooklawn Trail, Cleveland, TN 37323, was appointed Executrix June 12, 2012 over the estate of Flora Nantz, deceased.

Francis Blackhawk, 234 Blackhawk Rd., Williamsburg, KY 40769 was appointed Executor June 12, 2012 over the estate of Kenneth Alan Cox.

Carl Ball, 1612 Ann St., Carlton, MI 48117 was appointed Administrator June 12, 2012 over the estate of Theodore Ball Jr., deceased.

Sharon Upton, 146 South 10th Street, Williamsbug, KY 40769 was appointed Executrix June 19, 2012 over the estate of Hubert Upton, deceased.

Thelma Duncan, 8841 Old Mt. Ash Pike, Williamsburg, KY 40769 was appointed Administratrix June 19, 2012 over the estate of Raymond Duncan, deceased.

Arivlee Lambdin, 557 Egnor Hollow Rd., Rockholds, KY 40759 was appointed Administrator June 19, 2012 over the estate of Wanda Lambdin, deceased.

All persons having claims against the said estates are required to present same, verified according to law to the said Appointees, not later than six months from said date of appointment.

Given under my hand this 2nd day of July, 2012.





Final settlement has been filed in the estate of Tammy Lynn Moses, deceased, by Hon. Kimberly Frost, Public Administrator. A final hearing will be held on August 14, 2012 at 1:00 PM at the Whitley County Judicial Center, District Courtroom located in Williamsburg, KY.

Exceptions, if any, must be filed prior to August 14, 2012. The hearing will be held at 1:00 pm in the Whitley District Court, Williamsburg, KY.

Given under my hand this 2nd day of July, 2012.





Maxie Higgason has filed the final settlement for the estate of Virginia Lanham.

Exceptions, if any, must be filed prior to August 13, 2012.

The Hearing will be held at Whitley District Court, 805 S. Main Street, Corbin, KY 40701.

Given under my hand this 29th day of June 2012.





Notice is hereby given by order of the Whitley District Court, that the following appointments have been made:

Maxine Lawson, 302 N. Main St., Apt #104, Corbin, KY 40701 has been appointed Executrix for the estate of Wilma Francioni (deceased). Jeffery Tipton, PO Box 1284, Corbin, KY 40702 is attorney for said estate; Bobbie Paul has been appointed Executor for the estate of Floie Paul Burke (deceased), Aaron M. Howard, PO Box 1546, Corbin, KY 40702, is service of process for the estate.

All persons having claims again the said estates are requested to present same, verified according to law to the said appointees, not later than six months from said date of appointment.

Given under my hand this 29th day of June, 2012.