A Corbin woman was arrested Wednesday for allegedly attempting to burn down a mobile home while the resident was inside.

Fifty-year-old Teresa Bunch is facing one count of first-degree arson in connection with alleged incident on Jan. 2.

According to the complaint filed against her by Larry Davis, Bunch allegedly set fire to the doublewide mobile home.

“Let it burn. It will burn. Burn baby, burn!” Davis claims he heard Bunch saying as she passed his bedroom window.

Davis said Bunch’s boyfriend was a friend of his through his job.

“I’ve known her for several years,” Davis said of Bunch.

Davis said Bunch and her boyfriend had asked to stay at his trailer on Ky. 904 in Gatliff as they had nowhere else to go. While reluctant at first, Davis said he finally agreed to rent them a bedroom in the trailer in which he lived.

Davis said the couple were continually arguing and had even become physical with each other, resulting in Bunch moving out for approximately three weeks.

On the night of the fire, Davis said the couple had been arguing and fighting again and Bunch had come to his bedroom door asking to use the phone to call police.

Davis said he replied that he had already called police, saying the couple was going to have to leave.

“You called the law, knowing I was on probation?” Davis said Bunch asked him.

“I want you out of here,” Davis said he told her.

Davis said the fire started within five minutes of the couple leaving.

Whitley County Sheriff’s Deputy James Tabor arrested Bunch Wednesday night at her residence on Ky. 26.

Bunch is being held in the Whitley County Detention Center on a $25,000 fully secured bond.

Bunch is scheduled to be arraigned Monday in Whitley District Court.

Under Kentucky law, first-degree arson is a Class “A” felony carrying a potential prison sentence of 20 to five years, or life in prison.