Williamsburg police recovered several thousand dollars worth of pipes and valves at a local scrap yard Tuesday, which had been taken from one of the city’s raw water intake stations over a two-month period.

Police Chief Wayne Bird said that police have identified two suspects in the theft and will present the case to the Whitley County Grand Jury for indictment.

The pipes and valves were sold to a local scrap yard for about $1,500, but the equipment would cost several thousand dollars to replace, Bird added.

An individual was at Southeast Recycling off Savoy Road looking for stolen property when they spotted some valves that they recognized as industrial material and contacted Williamsburg Mayor Roddy Harrison about the discovery.

"The type of stuff that was taken, it should have thrown up red flags when it came in but it didn’t," Bird added.

The stolen material came from an old raw water intake belonging to the city, which is no longer operational but still had a lot of valves and so forth inside it.

The city could have reused the valves at another intake before the valves were cut off with a torch.

"For the city to reuse it now would be impossible," Bird said.

He noted that it took quite a bit of work to remove the valves.

"They worked really hard. They started back in August and carried through until September. It took quite a bit of work. One of those valves weighs probably 500 to 800 pounds. We are talking about some pretty heavy stuff," Bird added.