Julie Leger is charged with indecent exposure stemming from a Feb. 24 incident at the Corbin High School track.

The woman charged with running naked among the Corbin track team made her first court appearance last Tuesday.

Twenty-six-year-old Julie Leger of London, who was arrested Feb. 24 at the facility behind Corbin High School, appeared before Whitley District Court Judge Fred White for arraignment.

Through her attorney, Eric Edwards, Leger entered a not-guilty plea to the charges of first-degree indecent exposure, second-degree disorderly conduct, public intoxication – controlled substance and resisting arrest.

At Edwards’ request, White agreed to set the case for a preliminary hearing on June 13.

Edwards told the court that Leger is enrolled in an outpatient drug treatment program.

“This was not court ordered,” Edwards emphasized.

It remains unknown exactly what drug Leger may have ingested when she took off all of her clothes, ran across the parking lot, crossed the fence surrounding the track and began running around after the students. However, based on her alleged actions, it is possible the drug was combined with flakka.

According to experts with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, flakka is similar to angel dust and PCP in that it causes hallucinations. In addition, it also raises a person’s body temperature, which may result in their desire to strip off their clothes.

Leger remains free pending the outcome of the case.

Corbin Police were called to the track behind the school about 10 a.m. While school had been cancelled because of illness, the track team was there for practice.

Corbin Police Captain Coy Wilson, the department’s public affairs officer, said Leger had caught the attention of the track team coaches when they saw her on the other side of the softball field near the creek that runs behind the campus.

A witness, who declined to give his name, said when the coaches saw her coming, they ushered the students into the nearby field house.

Several of the students were on the far side of the track and were unable to reach the field house before Leger reached them and began running among them.

“The kids mostly laughed it off,” said one witness who declined to give his name.

When officers arrived, they found Leger standing in the parking lot near the baseball field, still naked.

Officers attempted to place her inside a cruiser, but she refused. As a result, officers tazed her.

“We finally had to physically put her in the car,” said Wilson who was one of the officers that responded.

Wilson said Leger was taken to Baptist Health Corbin and then released to the custody of her family with a citation to appear in court to answer the charges.