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VIDEO: BRMC celebrates opening of surgery wing

Posted On 11 Feb 2009
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News Journal Classic I

The first of three News Journal Classics was played tonight at Williamsburg with the Jackets hosting Lynn Camp. Why three Classics?

Posted On 06 Feb 2009
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Is it cold or is it just me?

Ok, I have had just about enough of this winter weather.
Posted On 05 Feb 2009
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Coming soon: Home school athletes

Later today, Should home school students play at local schools?

Posted On 29 Jan 2009
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Change the Name

The Touchstone Energy All "A" Classic is underway in Richmond this week. The girls got underway Wednesday while the boys will take center stage Friday. I have a suggestion!

Posted On 29 Jan 2009
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I could almost watch TV

I hate when any sort of inclement weather comes around here.

Posted On 27 Jan 2009
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Please drive on your side of the road

Twice on Friday, I nearly died on Whitley County roadways.

Posted On 24 Jan 2009
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A few random thoughts

The inauguration came and went Tuesday and thanks to modern technology, I was able to catch the majority of President Obama's speech on AOL radio.

Posted On 22 Jan 2009
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More thoughts on new voting machines

As I wrote in my column in the Jan. 14 issue of the News Journal, I agree that having a paper trail with our voting machines is a good idea.

Posted On 14 Jan 2009
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