Marriages 04-19-17

Brittany Faith Grady, 26, of Corbin, a pharmacy tech, and Jonathan Earl Green, 32, of Corbin, a production team member. Christis Hope Stanford, 21, of Jellico, Tennessee, unemployed, and Jeffrey Ryan Pittman, 24, of Jellico, Tennessee, a Firestone employee. Kimberly Nicole Sizemore, 24, of Corbin, a house keeper, and Cody Lee Brown, 27, of Corbin, [...]

Marriages 04-12-17

Josey Lee-Ann Mounce, 22, of Williamsburg, a student, and Dirk Patrick Berta, 24, of Williamsburg, a school teacher. Amber Leeann Morgan, 19, of Williamsburg, unemployed, and Tyler James Hinton, 19, of Williamsburg, active duty army. Sarah Lu McNeil, 23, of Corbin, a barber, and Troy V. Roberts, 31, of Corbin, a truck driver. Cheryl Lynne [...]

Marriages 04-05-17

Julianne Rebecca Rose, 18, of Corbin, a CNA, and Michael Shane Canady, 18, of Rockholds, unemployed. Brandi Kaye Hutton, 26, of Corbin, a mental health tech, and Rickie Lee Blankenship, 31, of Corbin, a thermite welder. Kelly Elisabeth Swanson, 33, of Williamsburg, a RN, and Jonathan Paul Green, 27, of Jacksboro, Tennessee, a RN. Carrie [...]

Marriages 03-28-17

Brieawna Nakia Wade, 22, of Corbin, a homemaker, and Jonathan David Buchanan, 19, of Corbin, a construction worker. Thelma Jean Lawson, 53, of Williamsburg, disabled, and Ancil Arthur Foley, 59, of Williamsburg, retired U.S. Army. Melissa Ann Helton, 23, of Rockholds, unemployed, and Delbert Junior Swafford, 34, of Rockholds, disabled. Crystal Denise Mills, 39, of [...]

Marriages 03-22-17

Julie Ann Deaton, 46, of Corbin, a homemaker, and Donald Ray Steele, 47, of Corbin, an auto mechanic. Savannah Renae Combs, 20, of Stoney Fork Road, unemployed, and Camerson Victor Lee Broussard, 20, of High Top Road, a customer service representative. Marjorie Ann Lingar, 27, of Valley View Apartments, unemployed, and Adam Blake Sizemore, 30, [...]

Marriages 03-14-17

Jeanette Christine Hinkle, 43, of Corbin, a social worker, Brian Joseph Cox, 23, of Corbin, a factory worker. Pamela Sue Hensley, 33, of Corbin, a housewife, and Nathan Alan McQueen, 23, of Lily, self-employed. Jessica Ann Toller, 25, of Williamsburg, unemployed, and Mark Allen Robinson, 32, of Cincinnati, Ohio, unemployed. Jessica Lorie Bennett, 19, of [...]

Marriages 03-08-17

Heather Nicole Mills, 27, of Corbin, unemployed, and Aaron Joseph Baker, 23, of Corbin, unemployed. Brandi Jo Childers, 36, of Williamsburg, a data entry operator, and Joseph Samuel James Bauer, 32, of Williamsburg, self-employed. Savannah Paige Gregory, 20, of Williamsburg, unemployed, and William Barkley McFarland, 23, of Williamsburg, unemployed. Linda Mae Carroll, 35, of Williamsburg, [...]

Marriages 02-22-17

Angel Nicole Partin, 19, of Williamsburg, unemployed, and Matthew Jordan Rains, 23, of Rockholds, a Chaney Lumber Company employee. Jacqueline Leeann Sulfridge, 18, of Corbin, a homemaker, and Christopher James Lewis, 20, of Corbin, an electrician. Shonna Lashae Brock, 24, of London, a housewife, and Shawn Adam Money, 22, of London, a cabinet builder. Lisa [...]

Marriages 02-15-17

Annamaria Smith, 46, of Williamsburg, an executive assistant, and Jeffery Steen Gallimore, 44, of Corbin, a field project supervisor. Teresa Gay Adkins, 52, of Rocky Top, Tennessee, a housewife, and Eugene Vaughn Adkins, 62, of Rocky Top, Tennessee, retired. Aleshia Michelle Hall, 27, of Corbin, unemployed, and Robert Paul Childress, 44, of Corbin, retired. Caroline [...]

Marriages 02-08-17

Janie Louise Schwarber, 53, of Williamsburg, disabled, and Richard Lee McQuitty, 58, of Williamsburg, self-employed. Amanda Nicole Causey, 24, of Corbin, an attendance clerk, and Donavin James Gilbert, 30, of Corbin, a mechanic. Savannah Shae Hayes, 17, of Corbin, a cashier, and Robert Blake White, 18, of Williamsburg, a cook. Joanna Dawn Rowe, 18, of [...]