Marriages 08-16-17

Margaret Ann Jackson, 33, of Williamsburg, a teacher, and Paul Michael White, 35, of Williamsburg, a Firestone employee. Christi Jo Earls, 23, of Corbin, a certified medical assistant, and Jacob Alan Ford, 26, of Rockholds, a Performance Food Groups employee. Melissa Kaye Jeffries, 35, of Lily, a federal probation officer, and John Lincoln Reynolds, 30, [...]

Marriages 08-09-17

Betty Faye Perkins, 64, of Corbin, disabled, and Albert Wilson Perkins, 88, of Corbin, retired. Erinn Danielle Mullins, 32, of Williamsburg, a teacher’s assistant, and Seth Buckley Williams, 37, of Owensboro, a service advisor. Brittany Rhenee Patterson, 22, of Corbin, a student, and Joey Tilden Rice, 30, of Corbin, a tattoo artist. Hayleigh Christine Henegar, [...]

Marriages 08-02-17

Lisa Marlene Mills, 53, of Corbin, disabled, and Costello Bingham, 59, of Corbin, unemployed. Tanya Marie Chadwick, 36, of Walbridge, Ohio, an accounts receivable worker, and Daniel Mark Kill, 46, of Walbridge, Ohio, a systems administrator. Pamela Jo Good, 45, of Corbin, a respiratory therapist, and Tony Ray Bargo, 44, of Corbin, nuclear medicine.

Marriages 07-26-17

Melissa Weedman, 48, of Paoli, Indiana, a clinical social worker, and Jason Paul Price, 40, of Paoli, Indiana, a probation officer. Jackie Diane Wilson, 54, of Corbin, disabled, and Ronald Dale Sparkman, 57, of Corbin, disabled. Misty Deanna Gregory, 36, of Corbin, a CLS provider, and Christopher Eric Ward, 30, of Scalf, a lineman. Amanda [...]

Marriages 07-19-17

Courtney Joanna Paul, 20, of Corbin, unemployed, and Roger Lynn Hubbard, 24, of Corbin, unemployed. Sarah Elizabeth Martin, 28, of Corbin, unemployed, and Kenneth Matthew Chumley, 29, of Corbin, unemployed. Rachel Marie Rains, 22, of Rockholds, a student, and Justin Lee McCulley, 27, of Rockholds, self-employed. Kristen Leanne Vanover, 22, of Lily, an x-ray tech, [...]

Marriages 07-12-17

Ashlie Rose Smallwood, 23, of Rockholds, a KCEOC employee, and Zachary Thomas Waltz, 22, of Woodbine, self-employed. Courtney Lea Lawson, 22, of Williamsburg, an IGA cashier, and Dalton Andrew Shackleford, 19, of Williamsburg, a Wal-Mart employee. Autumn Nicole Barton, 27, of Corbin, a direct support provider, and William Robert Foley, 24, of Corbin, a quality [...]

Marriages 07-05-17

Pamela Sue Beshear, 38, of Louisville, unemployed, and James David Day, 26, of Corbin, a forklift driver. Shawnee Jane Holbrook, 23, of Corbin, an accounting assistant, and Hunter Sulfridge, 22, of Corbin, a lineman. Jennifer Deloris Davis, 44, of Corbin, a DSD Receiving worker, and Gregory Allen Carr, 44, of Corbin, an industrial maintenance tech. [...]

Marriages 06-28-17

Lavina Caileigh George, 18, of Corbin, a housewife, and Boyce Funderburk II, 23, of Corbin, a truck driver. Sabrina Kimmons Corey, 40, of Bimble, marketing, and James Gary Hensley Jr., 47, of Barbourville, a state government worker. Crystal Michelle Hinkle, 36, of Shepherdsville, a medical coder, and Christopher Wayne Eggen, 29, of Shepherdsville, a CSX [...]

Marriages 06-21-17

Ahlam Mohammad Alharbi, 39, of Toledo, Ohio, an assistant professor, and John Allan Holt, 49, of Toledo, Ohio, retired. Cadlyn Cassidy Howard, 22, of London, a dental assistant, and Andrew Scott Farley, 24, of Corbin, a lineman. Geneva Ann Williams, 46, of London, a housewife, and Kevin Dwayne Chipley, 47, of London, a government contractor. [...]

Marriages 06-14-17

Amber Dawn Woolum, 37, of Williamsburg, unemployed, and Joey Michael Powers, 52, of Williamsburg, disabled. Emily Paige Campbell, 25, of Corbin, a teacher, and Carl Matthew Lewallen, 25, of Corbin, a teacher. Freda Lawson, 45, of Rockholds, disabled, and Leland Dustin Evans, 43, of Rockholds, unemployed. Cecilia Christine Patterson, 23, of Harker Heights, a stay-at-home [...]