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It was the best vacation, it was the worst vacation

The average rainfall for the month of May in central Florida is 3.4 inches. It rained that much in the first few hours last week after we arrived for our vacation. As a matter of fact it rained every day. By the time we left Florida the rain had totaled as much as 25 inches,...

Posted On 26 May 2009
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Whitley Fiscal Court doing good job making government more citizen-friendly

After reading Trent Knuckles’ column last week about not being able to hear much during Corbin City Commission meetings let alone understand what is being talked about, I got to thinking that this government body could take a few lessons from the Whitley County Fiscal...

Posted On 26 May 2009

Open up a little, time for city to bring back work session meetings

I've covered Corbin City Commission meetings, on and off, for the last 12 years now. I would consider myself fairly knowledgeable about the workings of city government.

New website for city of Corbin holds exciting possibilities

It is common for newspapers and other media to point out, often with delight, when politicians don't keep their campaign promises.I want to tell you about one locally that city leaders in Corbin appear poised to deliver on.

Some issues can be resolved by merely requesting information

For those who would question the process for the selection of speakers for the Corbin Chamber of Commerce luncheons, let me explain.

Posted On 13 May 2009
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No more kidding, resurfacing of Gordon Hill is going to take place

In the past I've taken some ribbing about my appeal in this column to resurface the Gordon Hill area in Corbin. The last time I wrote about the awful condition of the road the state painted fresh yellow lines on it.

Posted On 06 May 2009
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TNA Wrestling in Corbin brings back memories of youth

As I was sitting inside The Arena Friday night watching TNA Championship Wrestling, I couldn't escape this feeling of déjà vu and this sense that the more things change, the more they sometimes stay the same.

Posted On 06 May 2009

Our community guide is now available and packed full of useful information

We are distributing our annual Community Guide. Many of you will receive it in your News Journal this week, while others will get it in the following weeks. The reason for splitting up the mail deliveries is that it takes our printer too long to process it all at once. It is a...

Posted On 29 Apr 2009
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More liberal local media skipped justice center groundbreaking

Most of Williamsburg is looking forward to the opening of the new Whitley County Justice Center in 2011. I think I speak for the whole community when I say that we're just dreading the construction process, which is expected to take close to two years to complete.

Posted On 29 Apr 2009

My adventures in the world of undeground fishkeeping

I am what is termed an "aquarist."

It's really just another term for someone who takes care of an aquarium. Nothing more.

The hobby started years ago when my father decided to purchase a 30-gallon tank to fit in the fireplace we never used. He figured...