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Former UofC President and wife put college on the map; deserve pay

Editor’s note: The original version of this letter inaccurately referred to Cumberland University  in the first sentenced instead of University of the Cumberlands. Cumberland University is an entirely different institution located in Lebanon, Tenn. To the Editor: All the...
Posted On 28 Jul 2016
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Chamber should have supported raising taxes on workers in Knox Co. portion of Corbin

To the Editor: The Southern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Mission Statement in the News Journal Wednesday is described: “To create an environment in which area businesses are provided every opportunity to grow and prosper while preserving the quality of life we treasure in our...
Posted On 30 Jun 2016
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Be sensitive to veterans when using fireworks during the holiday

To the Editor: As the Independence Day holiday approaches, Phantom Fireworks would like to remind its customers, friends, and all those who use consume fireworks to be mindful of the fact that some veterans can be startled and upset by the noise of fireworks. Chelsey Zoldan, M.S....
Posted On 30 Jun 2016
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Taylor lawsuit over retirement pay typical of his egotistical attitude

Dear Editor, Ego. Privilege. Dubious deal-making. Litigation. Oh what a tangled web former University of the Cumberlands president Jim Taylor has weaved. He claims he is owed a lifetime retirement package worth $395,000 per year. Transferable to his wife if he dies first. Nice....

Chamber Board opposes decision to ‘stack’ Corbin occupational tax

To the Editor: At its regular monthly board meeting June 16, the Board of Directors of the Southern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce voted unanimously in opposition to the recent decision by City Commission to enforce the city’s 1 percent occupational tax on workers in the Knox...

W’burg Health and Rehab Center thanks silent auction contributors

To the Editor: Williamsburg Health & Rehab Center would like to thank all of the following sponsors who made contributions to our silent auction for the American Cancer Society. We would like to send out a special recognition and thank you to all of those who have a donation...
Posted On 30 Jun 2016
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Estep should consult Corbin mayor before writing about tax situation

To the Editor: I am puzzled by Don Estep’s editorial this week which inferred that Corbin’s current leaders failed to take advantage of an opportunity to work out an agreement with Knox County and share some of the $1 million dollars that comes out of the businesses and workers...
Posted On 30 Jun 2016
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No good can come from having more alcohol in our community

To the Editor: Although there has been far too little publicity about it, the citizens of Williamsburg are scheduled to have an election on June 28, 2016. The issue is whether to have wide open alcohol sales, just as Corbin now has. Unless I, or someone I know, should be killed...
Posted On 15 Jun 2016
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Reader has ‘Dream of Prophecy’ that gives hope for the future

To the Editor: Storms raged as I rolled and tossed in my sleeping bag after Betty ran me out of the house for snoring, I finally settled down and had “A Dream of Prophecy” that gave me hope for our future. My dream opened as I watched Herschel Roaden, World Renown Master...

PRIDE President thanks everyone who supported Cumberland Falls cleanup

Dear Editor: I am writing to thank everyone in Whitley County and the Corbin area who supported the Cumberland Falls PRIDE Spring Cleanup on Saturday, April 30, 2016. I am delighted to announce that a grand total of 404 volunteers participated in the event. We were extremely...