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Letter: Cash Express CEO reflects on 9/11; praises first responders

To the Editor: On some anniversaries we celebrate. On others we reflect. The 18th Anniversary of the attack on America and New York’s World Trade Center is one of the times for reflection. There is-truly nothing to celebrate in the extraordinary tragedy of 9/11. As much as I...
Posted On 23 Aug 2019
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Letter to the Editor: Project will highlight African-American voices in SE Kentucky

To the Editor: My name is Zoe Dennhardt and I will be working with Grace Moses on our periodic letters to the editor. These letters will update the community about racial justice work in the area. While Grace is focused on the broad mission and function of the Corbin Racial...
Posted On 25 Jul 2019
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Letter to the Editor: ‘Concentration camp’ is the right term for detention facilities at the border

To the Editor: Concentration camp is the proper term to describe the separation of children from their parents, the detention of children in cages, the detention of adults behind wire fences or in overcrowded, unsanitary detention centers, especially since children are dying in...
Posted On 17 Jul 2019
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Letter to the Editor: Calling border detention facilities ‘concentration camps’ is offensive

To the Editor: Concentration camps. These words come so easily today from people who are opposed to our country’s policies and our President. To me, these vile words conjure up the World War II Holocaust and the millions of people Hitler’s German henchman massacred. This phrase...

Letter: Terrell thankful for help with Corbin Senior Citizens Center funding

To the Editor: Happy Days are here again! Judges Mitchell, Westerfield and White, we appreciate the fine help you and your magistrates have provided to senior citizens from Knox, Laurel, and Whitley Counties who use the Corbin Senior Citizens Center. This was a real team effort...

Letter to the Editor: Reader identifies with News Journal columnist

To the Editor: I just read Teresa Brook’s column in the May 15 News Journal paper, and it brought tears to my eyes. We had a similar experience when my grandson was born, and I (even as a grandma) can imagine exactly how that must’ve been for her. Thank God for her miracle (and...
Posted On 23 May 2019
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Letter to the Editor: Put speedbumps back on Sanderlin Drive

To the Editor: I have been a resident of Corbin for more than 40 years. I pay my city taxes. I have never asked the city for anything. However, my home is off Sanderlin Drive, so I must drive it several times almost every day. It is a dangerous road that connects Fifth Street to...
Posted On 23 May 2019
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Letter: Corbin Kiwanis Club chili supper set for March 8; everyone invited

To the Editor: The Corbin Kiwanis Club has established priorities to help improve the quality of life for our people. The Annual Chili Supper is a key part of our fundraising effort to support scholarships for Corbin and Lynn Camp High School Students each year. Students apply...
Posted On 22 Feb 2019
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Letter to the Editor: Never trust a ‘broken’ radio

To the Editor: In March 1951, I was serving with the Marine Security Guard detachment at the top secret U.S. Naval Air Missile Test Center at Point Mugu, Calif. My assignment was base patrol operator in a radio equipped jeep. Late one afternoon I was instructed to take three...
Posted On 08 Feb 2019
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Letter to the editor: Local Toys for Tots organizer says 2018 was a huge success

To the Editor: I wish to share our success, with the Marine Corps Toys For Tots Campaign 2018 and thank the many people, businesses and groups that helped us provide “A Little Christmas” to many children, of Whitley, Knox and Laurel Counties. I would like to recap and compare...
Posted On 21 Jan 2019
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