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Eastern Tent Caterpillar egg hatch begins in central Kentucky

“This year’s first observed eastern tent caterpillar egg hatch is seven days earlier that 2015, reflecting the warm spring temperatures,” said Lee Townsend, University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Food and Environment Extension Entomologist. “The hatch is not synchronized;...
Posted On 23 Mar 2016
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Spring gardening on a budget

If you are a gardener or are thinking about gardening, spring is definitely a welcome season. Gardening can save you a significant amount of money at the grocery store. If you are planting a produce garden, it can also add curb appeal to your home increasing your home’s value....
Posted On 23 Mar 2016
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City of Bainbridge’s gift will never be forgotten

Trent Knuckles is publisher of The News Journal. Until last year, I’d never heard of Bainbridge, Georgia. The town, located in the extreme southern part of the state, is now forever linked to Corbin. Bainbridge donated the old steam engine and coal tender you now see parked along...

There are many quality places to eat in Kentucky

In the 1930s, 40’s, and well into the 50’s dining out was considered a luxury, something done on special occasions. But as lifestyles began to change so did the restaurant business. With more women stepping out of the kitchen and into the workforce, local eateries emerged as did...
Posted On 22 Mar 2016

High school Sweet 16 brings back good memories

It is March so that means I have a sore throat. This time it came from Mother Nature, but that wasn’t always the cause. For 30 years I broadcast every game of the District, Regional and State Tournaments. By the time the games were over my throat had taken a pounding and thus I...

We’ve improved our website to better serve you

When I became Publisher of the News Journal in 2015, one of the first things I wanted to get accomplished was to modernize the newspaper’s website. It’s been a LONG process getting there, but two weeks ago we did sort of a silent rollout of the new site (

Work – life balance

Balancing your personal life from your professional life is no easy task! In the world we live, it is increasingly difficult to say no to work assignments and yes to spending time with family. Some of us long to get promoted with our jobs and steadily climb the ladder. Others...
Posted On 16 Mar 2016
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Timely tips – spring calving cows

• Stay alert!  The spring calving season should be in full swing now, top priority should be to get a live calf and keep cows in sufficient body condition to rebreed early. Calving areas should be accessible and as clean and as free of mud as possible. Pastures which have good...
Posted On 16 Mar 2016
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Does a dog mourn the loss of a loved one?

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Caucus was a learning experience

Mark White is Editor of The News Journal. By the time the polls opened at 10 a.m. Saturday for the Republican Presidential Caucus at Whitley County High School, there were at least 100 people already in line waiting to cast their ballots. Mind you, there was no unanimous...
Posted On 09 Mar 2016