Feed high-quality forage to boost animal performance

Garrard CoffeyAgriculture and Natural Resources The ultimate test of forage quality is animal performance. Producing high quality forages is vital to improved animal performance, whether your goal is more pounds of milk, a higher rate of gain, increased wool production or an improved conception rate. Forages provide a major percentage of the nutrients [...]

Preparing cows for breeding

Garrard CoffeyAgriculture and Natural Resources A successful breeding season actually begins with management decisions made at calving.  Cattlemen can impact re-breeding efficiency by focusing on body condition score (BCS), early assistance during calving difficulty, scheduling a breeding soundness exam for the herd sires, planning their herd reproductive health program, and developing a plan [...]

Spring has sprung; time to mow your lawn

Garrard CoffeyAgriculture and Natural Resources The smell of fresh cut grass wafting through the neighborhood is one of the surest signs of spring. You should already be thinking about lawn care since it’s time to clip the grass for the first time. Your most important annual lawn duties begin with that first mowing. [...]

Time to control crabgrass

Garrard CoffeyAgriculture and Natural Resources While the winter may have wreaked havoc on many desirable plants, it did little to affect crabgrass, the most common weed in Kentucky lawns. “Crabgrass is an annual weed that outcompetes desirable grasses and then dies in the fall, leaving bare spots in yards for winter weeds to [...]

Timely tips – Get ready for calving season this month

Garrard CoffeyAgriculture and Natural Resources Spring-calving Herd • Replacement heifers should be gaining adequately to reach target breeding weights by May 1. Be sure that their feeding program is adequate for early breeding. • Overall condition of the cow herd should be evaluated. Cows losing weight now are more likely to have weak [...]

Frost Seeding Clover: JUST DO IT!

Garrard CoffeyAgriculture and Natural Resources Everyone is familiar with Nike’s ad campaign that encourages people to “JUST DO IT”. I am officially adopting this slogan for my 2017 Frost Seeding Campaign. Legumes are an essential part of a strong and healthy nitrogen cycle in grasslands. In many cases they come by themselves when [...]

Establishment and first-year management of tall fescue

Garrard CoffeyAgriculture and Natural Resources Tall fescue, specifically Kentucky 31, is a cool-season grass that is widely grown throughout Kentucky and the eastern United States, because it is resistant to many unfavorable conditions including drought tolerance and insect resistance. However, the very reason for its resiliency is also its Achilles heel. It contains [...]

Frost seeding

Garrard CoffeyAgriculture and Natural Resources The frost seeding method allows seeds to be inter-seeded into undisturbed soils by scattering seed on top of the ground. The freezing and thawing action of the soil works the seeds into the soil where they can germinate. In Kentucky, the ideal time to frost seed is between [...]

Looking forward to the summer vegetable garden

Garrard CoffeyAgriculture and Natural Resources Soon you’ll be receiving seed catalogs for the 2017 vegetable-growing season. While listening to the cold wind blow outside, what a comfort it is to think about spring and summer and planning your garden. To make the most of your garden, every aspiring gardener should follow seven steps [...]

Timely tips for herds

Garrard CoffeyAgriculture and Natural Resources Spring Calving Cow Herd • Start cows on the high magnesium mineral supplement soon.  Consider protein supplementation if hay is less than 10% crude protein.  If cows are thin, begin energy (grain) supplementation now. • Consider vaccinating the cows to help prevent calf scours. • Keep replacement heifer [...]