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The story of the summer I sold watermelons

Now that we have had our fill of hot dogs, hamburgers and watermelon during the July 4th holiday weekend, it brings to mind a time when I could never get enough watermelon. They seemed to taste better back then. I argue with my wife that those seedless melons she brings ho...
Posted On 07 Jul 2016

Tourism Commission deserves voice in what happens at The Arena

Years ago, when I was Chairman of the Corbin Tourism Commission, I signed a letter that was sent to Mayor Amos Miller telling him that the Commission had voted to give 75 percent of its restaurant tax money to the city for the purpose of reducing the debt on the new Arena....
Posted On 30 Jun 2016

Thanking those who have made life better in Corbin

The most important item is first in this week’s column. I want to wish my wife Judy a great day on our 52nd wedding anniversary! It was on this day, June 1, 1964 when we said our vows. After three wonderful children and four out-of–this-world grandchildren we are still happily...

Don’t dogs that bark constantly ever bother their owners

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Moving to and from Corbin has been emotional

In July of 2014 my wife and I moved from Corbin to Henderson, Ky. to become full-time baby sitters. Our daughter, Amber, was about to give birth to her third child and we wanted to be of assistance. She already had two daughters, one four years old and the other who celebrated...

Derby Day is amazing, and I’m lucky to have been there

Don Estep is Publisher Emeritus of the News Journal. Most every Kentuckian, when discussing the Kentucky Derby, who hasn’t attended has said, “I would like to go just one time to see what it is like.” I was in that category for many years until my boss, Terry Forcht, made it...

Tour bus potential for Corbin is very big

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Posted On 05 May 2016
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Be vigilant! Telephone scammers working overtime to rip you off

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Posted On 30 Mar 2016
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High school Sweet 16 brings back good memories

It is March so that means I have a sore throat. This time it came from Mother Nature, but that wasn’t always the cause. For 30 years I broadcast every game of the District, Regional and State Tournaments. By the time the games were over my throat had taken a pounding and thus I...

Corbin getting much deserved attention for local restaurant scene

Recently I saw an article on Facebook written by Patty Cantrell of a Missouri-based consulting firm, Regional Food Solutions, for Good Food on Every Table, about the local restaurants in downtown Corbin. She wrote that Corbin “has revitalized its downtown through a local-food...