Frost Seeding Clover: JUST DO IT!

Garrard CoffeyAgriculture and Natural Resources Everyone is familiar with Nike’s ad campaign that encourages people to “JUST DO IT”. I am officially adopting this slogan for my 2017 Frost Seeding Campaign. Legumes are an essential part of a strong and healthy nitrogen cycle in grasslands. In many cases they come by themselves when [...]

Establishment and first-year management of tall fescue

Garrard CoffeyAgriculture and Natural Resources Tall fescue, specifically Kentucky 31, is a cool-season grass that is widely grown throughout Kentucky and the eastern United States, because it is resistant to many unfavorable conditions including drought tolerance and insect resistance. However, the very reason for its resiliency is also its Achilles heel. It contains [...]

Both Gilbert and Brittain will be greatly missed

Mark White is Editor of The News Journal. Whitley County lost a couple of very good men last week with the death of former Whitley County Judge-Executive Leroy Gilbert and assistant Whitley County Attorney Gary Brittain. I met both men early during my journalism career. My second job out of college was working [...]

Frost seeding

Garrard CoffeyAgriculture and Natural Resources The frost seeding method allows seeds to be inter-seeded into undisturbed soils by scattering seed on top of the ground. The freezing and thawing action of the soil works the seeds into the soil where they can germinate. In Kentucky, the ideal time to frost seed is between [...]

Make your next work meeting healthier

Matti DanielsFamily and Consumer Sciences It seems like we see the typical donuts and pastries at every work meeting we attend. This can be trouble for individuals trying to maintain a healthy diet, considering a single donut or pastry could contain 300 calories or more. Next time, try serving some healthier food options. [...]

Please Mr. Steely, let me broadcast

Don Estep is Publisher Emeritus of The News Journal. Last week in this space I commented on a 1935 football program that was found under a desk at Corbin High School and shown to me by Athletic Director Andrew Roark. One reader commented, “I sure wish it had been a 1936 program.” The [...]

Appeals ruling shows scary way a grand jury can be led astray

Trent Knuckles is publisher of The News Journal.

A few observations:• Our front-page story today about the case against Keith Edward Mason, and the recent decision by the Kentucky Court of Appeals to dismiss his indictment altogether, is must-read stuff.
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Looking forward to the summer vegetable garden

Garrard CoffeyAgriculture and Natural Resources Soon you’ll be receiving seed catalogs for the 2017 vegetable-growing season. While listening to the cold wind blow outside, what a comfort it is to think about spring and summer and planning your garden. To make the most of your garden, every aspiring gardener should follow seven steps [...]

Holistic health practices

Matti DanielsFamily and Consumer Sciences The World Health Organization defines good health as a “state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, rather than merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” Having good health takes place on many levels. Holistic health is a concept that addresses all aspects of good health as an [...]

Oh the games we used to play

Bena Mae Seivers Let’s play a game. Whatcha wanna play? I dunno. Red Rover, maybe. Follow the Leader ... or Hopscotch. How plaintively those words echo through my mind as I think back to the carefree days of my childhood. Like etchings in stone, they remain in my memory as though it were [...]