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Natl. Newspaper Week: News Media are First, Most Effective Means for Exercising Five First Amendment Freedoms

Thank you for celebrating National Newspaper Week 2019 with us! If you have not read the other guest editorials posted over the past five days, they are still available for you now online.

Natl. Newspaper Week: Newspapers protect your First Amendment rights

With just 45 words the founders guaranteed five — no six — basic freedoms, fundamental American rights.
Posted On 10 Oct 2019
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Natl. Newspaper Week: Times may change, but the need to support a free press has not

The following guest editorial, written by Kathy Kiely, also appeared in the October 9, 2019 print edition of the News Journal…
Posted On 09 Oct 2019
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Natl. Newspaper Week: First Amendment binds all American freedoms

The following editorial was written by Mr. Jack Miles…
Posted On 08 Oct 2019
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The best basketball ever played was at Edwards Gym

The best basketball games I have ever seen were played in the old Edwards Gym in Corbin. When I was ten years old me and my friends would stand at the rear of the gym and wait until somebody would open the downstairs restroom door and we would sneek in to watch the Redhounds play...
Posted On 07 Oct 2019

Why baby steps? Time to take the leap on cannabis

I was watching the two main candidates for Kentucky Commissioner of Agriculture debate on KET Monday night when the subject of “medical marijuana” came up. The challenger, Robert Conway, gave a full-throated endorsement to the idea that doctors should be able to prescribe...

Natl. Newspaper Week: Power of the press is in being the Way to Know for news consumers

Note to the reader: This column was first made available in 2015, but remains thoroughly relevant in 2019.
Posted On 07 Oct 2019
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Netflix is too overwhelming to properly enjoy

I just broke up with Netflix. It was sudden and abrupt. We had a long relationship, but it just had to end. I didn’t “let her down easy,” so to speak. Didn’t even really call or text. Just did the deed swiftly with the click of a mouse button. Sorry Netflix. It wasn’t you, it was...

How a long, lost camera finally found its home

Anyone who has ever lost anything in a big city airport knows it’s pretty much a lost cause. The chances of getting it back are slim and none, and you know which one left town. Heck, getting a suitcase back from “lost luggage” is difficult enough, but walking off and forgetting...

Pyles showed his love for Corbin

Last weekend I attended my class reunion of 1957, along with the class of 1956 of Corbin High School at the Corbin Center. Having graduated over 60 years ago it is obvious that we have some age on us. Several of those attending came from out of town, as far away as Florida. It...
Posted On 16 Sep 2019