Feed high-quality forage to boost animal performance

Garrard CoffeyAgriculture and Natural Resources The ultimate test of forage quality is animal performance. Producing high quality forages is vital to improved animal performance, whether your goal is more pounds of milk, a higher rate of gain, increased wool production or an improved conception rate. Forages provide a major percentage of the nutrients [...]

Be resilient!

Matti DanielsFamily and Consumer Sciences Resilience is something that everyone can have. When someone is resilient, it does not mean that a person does not have difficulty or that he or she does not feel stress. It means that the person is able to adjust. Here are some ways you can work toward [...]

What to do with your tax documents

Matti DanielsFamily and Consumer Sciences Once tax season is over, you may be wondering what to do with your tax documents, everything that you used to prepare your tax return as well as copies of your tax return. The following tips will help you plan what to save and how long to save [...]

Preparing cows for breeding

Garrard CoffeyAgriculture and Natural Resources A successful breeding season actually begins with management decisions made at calving.  Cattlemen can impact re-breeding efficiency by focusing on body condition score (BCS), early assistance during calving difficulty, scheduling a breeding soundness exam for the herd sires, planning their herd reproductive health program, and developing a plan [...]

Spring has sprung; time to mow your lawn

Garrard CoffeyAgriculture and Natural Resources The smell of fresh cut grass wafting through the neighborhood is one of the surest signs of spring. You should already be thinking about lawn care since it’s time to clip the grass for the first time. Your most important annual lawn duties begin with that first mowing. [...]

Thinking about drinking and driving? Consider Adam Childress fate first

Mark White is Editor of The News Journal. If you are going to drink alcohol and get behind the wheel then please consider the following for a moment before you do. In 2001, Lester Cook had been drinking when he got behind the wheel of his 1984 Corvette, sped off and lost control [...]

Time to control crabgrass

Garrard CoffeyAgriculture and Natural Resources While the winter may have wreaked havoc on many desirable plants, it did little to affect crabgrass, the most common weed in Kentucky lawns. “Crabgrass is an annual weed that outcompetes desirable grasses and then dies in the fall, leaving bare spots in yards for winter weeds to [...]

More flavor, fewer calories

Matti DanielsFamily and Consumer Sciences Most of us are looking for ways to make fewer calories deliver more nutrition, and you should look for recipes that help you trim energy intake. Sometimes, you may need to use a little of the real thing to get the flavor you crave. Here are some tips [...]

Truth or Consequences

Bena Mae Seivers From the movie A Few Good Men, Jack Nicholson’s rant from the witness stand, “The truth? You can’t handle the truth!” was voted the twenty-ninth greatest American movie quote of all time and is near the top of the poll of one of the most memorable quotes in filmdom. It [...]

Who has the best burger? Who is the best barber? Your votes will decide

Trent Knuckles is publisher of The News Journal.

OK, here’s your chance.

Voting begins this week in the News Journal’s annual People’s Choice readers’ poll. This is always a popular contest and we get many votes every year.

I think it’s a lot of fun.

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