Preventative measures can help protect against mosquito bites

Garrard CoffeyAgriculture and Natural Resources Mosquitoes are appearing earlier than normal this year. University of Kentucky entomologists encourage Kentuckians to take precautions to prevent mosquito bites on themselves and their pets. “Mosquitoes breed in standing water. The recent rains we have had, coupled with the upcoming warm weather, may help them get off [...]

Avoid home selling turn offs

Matti DanielsFamily and Consumer Sciences If you’re buying a house, you probably know what turns you off in homes that you tour: messy, cluttered houses, strong odors, and so on. Most people can’t wait to get out of a house like that. When you are selling your house, be sure to prepare. Avoid [...]

Whitley Co., W’burg planning 200th anniversary celebration in 2018

Mark White is Editor of The News Journal. Whitley County is planning a party in 2018. It’s going to be a big, year-long party as the county celebrates the 200th anniversary of its founding. Williamsburg is also planning a big bicentennial celebration that will center around a month-long celebration in April 2018, which [...]

Transferring your farm to the next generation

Garrard CoffeyAgriculture and Natural Resources The average age of farm operators in Kentucky is increasing, and over the next several years, many farm families will consider transitioning their farm to the next generation. The decision of when and how to begin the farm transition process can be difficult; often, farm families avoid the [...]

At the Farmer’s Market: Strawberries

Matti DanielsFamily and Consumer Sciences The Whitley County Farmers Market is in full swing. Many of our local vendors have strawberries available. A perennial Farmer’s Market favorite, growers harvest Kentucky strawberries during May and June. They are a very refreshing snack and they are full of vitamins. Just one cup provides a great [...]

Fireflies can help control garden pests

Garrard CoffeyAgriculture and Natural Resources Fireflies evoke memories of a childhood chase. You’d catch one in your hand and wait to see the flickering light and then moments later, release it unharmed and watch it fly away. This summertime favorite does more than generate entertaining childhood memories. They also help control some pests [...]

May is National Mental Health Awareness Month

Matti DanielsFamily and Consumer Sciences Millions of Americans are impacted by mental health condition. In fact, it is estimated that one in five Americans will be affected by a mental health condition at some point in their lives. Every American is impacted through their friends and family members. There is still a negative [...]

Feed high-quality forage to boost animal performance

Garrard CoffeyAgriculture and Natural Resources The ultimate test of forage quality is animal performance. Producing high quality forages is vital to improved animal performance, whether your goal is more pounds of milk, a higher rate of gain, increased wool production or an improved conception rate. Forages provide a major percentage of the nutrients [...]

Be resilient!

Matti DanielsFamily and Consumer Sciences Resilience is something that everyone can have. When someone is resilient, it does not mean that a person does not have difficulty or that he or she does not feel stress. It means that the person is able to adjust. Here are some ways you can work toward [...]

What to do with your tax documents

Matti DanielsFamily and Consumer Sciences Once tax season is over, you may be wondering what to do with your tax documents, everything that you used to prepare your tax return as well as copies of your tax return. The following tips will help you plan what to save and how long to save [...]