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EXTRA CONTENT: Corbin Mayor declares city in state of emergency

Following heavy rains and flash flooding over the weekend and early this week, Corbin Mayor Willard McBurney officially declared the city in a "state of emergency" Wednesday afternoon and is asking for help from state officials regarding clean up efforts.

Corbin family hit hard by high water

Heavy rain turned into a late-night shock for at least one Corbin family who are busy cleaning up from the damage high water caused to their Fifth Street home early Monday morning.

22 apply to be Corbin Police Chief

Officially vacant since early March, interest among would-be candidates for the position of Corbin police chief is high as city officials report that 22 people submitted applications to fill the slot before Monday's deadline.

Local men win $200 million in FEMA contracts using wool to solve ‘toxic trailer’ problem

William Hamlin and his son David can be affectionately called the high priests of wool.

Ask them...

UPDATED: Suspicious suitcase puts Corbin police on high alert

An abandoned suitcase at a local medical office put Corbin police on high alert Sunday evening over fears of what the strangely placed item may contain.

EXTRA CONTENT: Lawsuit filed over qualifications of partner at former Corbin MRI center

A local orthopedic surgeon, the founder of MRI Research Institute of Kentucky, is accusing his former business partner of lying about his qualifications, misusing equipment and failing to pay back a loan through a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in London last week.

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Police searching for driver involved in Sunday chase

Authorities in Whitley County are looking for the man they say led police on a wild chase Sunday evening and was able to get away on foot through a heavily forested area.

My adventures in the world of undeground fishkeeping

I am what is termed an "aquarist."

It's really just another term for someone who takes care of an aquarium. Nothing more.

The hobby started years ago when my father decided to purchase a 30-gallon tank to fit in the fireplace we never used. He figured...