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Be careful what you ask for

Before the neighbors across the street went to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for a vacation last week, they asked if I wanted a souvenier. I said, partly in jest, "Sure, get me a hermit crab."

Good times in Williamsburg

I'll have to say, the Williamsburg Main Street Program sure knows how to throw a party. Last year, I attended one of their block parties downtown and it was a blast. Everyone was dancing and playing games and having a good time.

Why do I keep getting Details magazine?

About seven or eight months ago, Details magazine, which basically is just a fashion magazine for men, starts showing up in my mailbox. I didn't subscribe to it. I've only picked it up a few times in my life and never really had much interest in it.

VIDEO: Corbin woman with bats in the attic seeks relief

A Corbin woman, whose home has been invaded by over 100 brown bats, is finally hopeful that she will be rid of the noisy, annoying varmints by sometime in August or earlier September.

EXTRA CONTENT: Local property development company loses lawsuits over land, Harley dealership

A local property development company, which at one time had plans of bringing a Harley-Davidson Motorcycle dealership and to south Corbin then sued the Tennessee owner of the dealership when the deal fell through, has had an avalanche of adverse legal rulings in recent months.

Christian rockers 33 Miles, Classic Rock All Stars to play at NIBROC

An edgy, high-energy Christian rock trio and a fan favorite will round out the musical entertainment lineup at the 2009 NIBROC Festival in Corbin this August.

Go pick up a copy of the News Journal today. It’s a doozy!

My brain is about to turn into marhsmallow after working for ... let's see ... 1,2,3 ... yeah, 17 hours today. Whew!

My girl … talking bout my girl

Just checking in today to share a photo of my daughter with anyone who might care. This pic was taken during the city of Corbin's annual Fourth of July Celebration - actually held on July 3, believe it or not - at the Corbin Tech Center.

The world’s greatest aquarium artist

I'm an aquarium enthusiast. It is one of my many hobbies.

UPDATED: Toddler dies after being run over by truck

A Rockholds toddler died Friday night after accidentally being run over by a pick-up truck driven by a family member.