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Corbin may cut Main Street Manager back to part time

Corbin city leaders will vote next week on a trimmed down budget for the upcoming fiscal year that will include a plan to make the town's Main Street Manager a part time position.

EXTRA CONTENT: Former Corbin officer, convicted of 2nd DUI, can serve jail term whenever he wants

A former Corbin police officer and City Commission candidate has been ordered to serve 14 days in jail for his second DUI in a year's time, but an unusual order signed by a local judge will allow him to serve those days whenever he chooses with no apparent time limit in...

EXTRA CONTENT: Drug ring suspect claims former W’burg officer bought drugs; Hodge defends subsequent hiring of Shelley

One of seven people accused of being part of a local prescription painkiller trafficking ring is claiming he witnessed a former Williamsburg Police Chief and officer purchase drugs illegally in 2007.

‘Doctor shopping’ charges against former Williamsburg police officer dismissed

Charges against a former Williamsburg Police Officer of "doctor shopping" in order to obtain prescription painkillers illegally have been dropped after a grand jury failed to issue an indictment.

Bunch shakes up State. Rep race, pulls off surprising defeat of Siler

Dewayne Bunch

A pavement-pounding, workmanlike campaign coupled with...

Grayson makes late Primary push through Whitley County

Secretary of State and U.S. Senate Republican candidate Trey Grayson speaks...

Rapid deployment police training taking place at Corbin East School

There's no reason to be alarmed.

It's just a drill.

South Corbin restaurant raided; owner and employees arrested for drug and alcohol violations

A south Corbin restaurant was forced to close after police raided it Thursday afternoon, arresting the owner and four employees on various drug and alcohol-related charges.

EXTRA CONTENT: Petition to change Knox School Board member districts hits brick wall

The attorney for the Kentucky Board of Education ruled recently that no action would be taken on a citizen petition to reconfigure School Board Members districts in Knox County because there was insufficient information to make a definitive ruling on the issue.

EXTRA CONTENT: Judge rules Nighbert, two others, must stay in jail until trial

A former Williamsburg police officer, accused of burglarizing a local pharmacy in early 2006 and being part of a seven-member drug trafficking ring, will be forced to await trial in jail following the ruling by a judge last week.