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Whitley health officials, schools preparing for Swine Flu threat

Wash your hands with soap and warm water and dry them thoroughly. Cover you mouth when you cough. Use hand sanitizer. If your child has a fever over 100...

Posted On 02 Sep 2009

Electric car company announces plans to locate plant in Williamsburg

A company that plans to produce electric vehicles is apparently headed to Whitley County and should employ over 50 people in a few months.

Posted On 02 Sep 2009

Woman cited by police for letting children wander down road

Whitley County Sheriff's deputies cited a Williamsburg woman for wanton endangerment Saturday morning after two of her small children were found wandering down a road.

Posted On 20 Aug 2009

Whitley School Board approves plan to build freshman academy, fieldhouse

The Whitley County Board of Education authorized construction of a freshman academy for the high school, a new roof for the middle school, and a field house for the new soccer complex during its monthly meeting Thursday.

Posted On 19 Aug 2009

Nine-year-old charged for assaulting Williamsburg teacher

Williamsburg police charged a nine-year old fourth grader with assault Thursday afternoon for biting, kicking and hitting a teacher.

Posted On 19 Aug 2009

Police sieze six poker machines, arrest one in eastern Whitley Tuesday

Williamsburg police executed a search warrant late Tuesday afternoon in far eastern Whitley County and seized 10 different types of gambling devices from the Blue Store off Ky. 92E.

Posted On 11 Aug 2009

EXTENDED COVERAGE: Whitley Schools Superintendent announces retirement

This time next year, the Whitley County school system will have a new headman at the...

Posted On 10 Aug 2009

Fourth alleged bootlegger raided by Williamsburg police

Williamsburg police seized 806 cans of beer and a small amount of cash while executing a search warrant Friday evening in far eastern Whitley County.

Posted On 07 Aug 2009

Williamsburg police make third straight bootleg bust

Williamsburg police seized 2,143 cans of beer, 40 bottles of liquor and about $250 cash while executing a search warrant Wednesday afternoon in the Redbird area.

Posted On 06 Aug 2009

Williamsburg police make large bootleg bust Tuesday

Williamsburg police seized 1,836 cans of beer, 53 bottles of liquor and a small amount of cash while executing a search warrant on Lee Price Road Tuesday afternoon and arrested four people.

Posted On 05 Aug 2009