In 1980 the efforts of several coaches like Stan Steidel of Dayton High School, Father Ed Heile of Covington Latin and Bill Frey of Covington Holy Cross came up with the groundwork for the Kentucky All “A” Classic.

The idea was a great one for all the small Kentucky schools that seldom make it out of their districts in basketball, baseball, softball and volleyball.

Has the All “A” outgrown itself? The All “A” Classic is no longer an event for Class 1A size schools according to the KHSAA football alignment. In fact there are eight schools that are playing in Class 3A. There are 46 teams in Class 2A.

Wasn’t it the purpose of giving the smallest schools a chance of winning a state title the idea in the first place? Go back and look at the 2012 Touchstone Energy All “A” Classic Boys’ State Tournament. Only three of the 16 regional winners were true Class A schools, Barbourville, Buckhorn and Louisville Collegiate. It was a little better in the girls’ tournament where six of the 16 were “A” size schools.

In the last couple of years the small schools have begun to pull out of the All “A” Classics because they don’t feel they can compete with the bigger double-A size schools that get to play in the tournament,

It’s time this committee really looks into putting on a true All “A” Classic or changing the name of the current tournaments to Kentucky Small School Classic or something familiar. The true Class “A” schools are getting pushed to the side just like it was when consolidated schools came onto the scene.

It’s time the All “A” committee look into their organization and make it right for the “small” schools around the state.


March Madness

After the second weekend of the NCAA Tournament, I get the pleasure of leading our version of March Madness in our office pool. We started with 17 and with the three games left eight of us are in the running.

I need a little help from my favorite team, the Louisville Cardinals, to have a chance to win. I also need Kansas to knock off Ohio State. If I get those two wins only Cathy Hall can catch me and the two of us will tie. I picked Michigan State and North Carolina to reach the finals, so I can’t pick up any more points.

I will finish with a 40-23 record. Hall picked Kansas and Michigan State in the championship game with the Spartans as the national champions. So, she can pick up one point.

However, it looks like Don Estep and Dr. Don Barton have the best chance of winning if Kentucky becomes the NCAA champion and they could tie for top spot. Still in the hunt are: Trevor Sherman, Trent Knuckles, Mark White and defending champion, Ralph Farmer. Who will take the title?


Final Four

We’re down to the Final Four in the NCAA Basketball Tournament. Before last week’s “Sweet 16” I picked Kentucky, Michigan State, Ohio State and North Carolina. The fan in me would not let me pick the Cardinals, but low and behold, the state of Kentucky is guaranteed a spot in the 2012 NCAA finals.

I am being realistic when I pick UK to defeat Louisville. The Wildcats have played better in the tournament than anyone.

Louisville has been hot since the Big East Tournament. The Cardinals are on an eight-game win streak while Kentucky, Ohio State and Kansas all lost in their conference championship game. Kentucky lost to Vanderbilt, Ohio State to Michigan State and Kansas to Baylor.

When the NCAA started a couple of weeks ago, Louisville wasn’t even in the Top 25. They are still the only team in the Final Four that is not in the Top 10.

When it is all said and done I think Kentucky will top Kansas for the title.