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Reality show featuring Corbin auction house to premier July 8 on TruTV

Sammie Isaac and the crew at Sammie’s Auction will be going nationwide on July 8 as “Kentucky Bidders’ premiers on Tru TV.

The show centers on the Isaac family, including Sammie, his parents, Sammie, Jr. and Debbie, and his younger brothers David and Mark.

Family businesses are chalked full of stress,” Sammie said, noting the freelance auction business has been in operation since 1946, when his grandfather, Sammie, Sr. started it in a building on Depot Street in Corbin.

“We are not constantly screaming at each other,” Sammie said. “There is a little bit of that, but there are a lot of family debates.”

In addition to the members of the Isaac family, Sammie said the store’s security guard, Andrew, is also featured, along with Leonard Huff, who is a regular at the auctions.

Sammie said the process began about a year ago when he received a call from producer David Leepson of Leepson Bounds Entertainment, who has produced Emmy Award winning shows such as HBO’s Sonny Liston: Life and Death of a Champ, Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel and Red Bull Air Race World Series. 

Other reality shows he has produced include: Car Warriors, Police POV, Hooters Dream Girl Challenge, and A&E’s Biography Home Videos.

“It is not a phone call you get all the time,” Sammie said of the initial call from Leepson. “When he called, I thought it was some kind of prank and almost hung up on him a couple of times.”

Leepson and co-producer Rob Fox took the concept and some sample footage to Tru TV executives.

“We were attracted to the unique world of Sammie’s Auction House and the colorful characters who work there and attend the auctions,” Tru TV officials stated.

Footage for the first two of the six episodes that make up season one was shot in February. Another two weeks of footage was shot in April.

“Nobody believed us when we said the camera crews were filming for a reality series,” Sammie said. “My favorite thing was the people who said my dad was paying people to follow us around with the cameras.”

Sammie said the show splits its focus on the interactions of the Isaac family, the unique items that come through the door and end up going up for auction and even the auction itself.

“I’ve seen some stuff that I can’t explain,” Sammie said of the items that come up for auction, noting someone recently brought in several old liquor barrels and recently was involved in an estate sale in which a woman paid more than $100 for 10-year-old television that belonged to her father because of the sentimental value.

“That is what is so cool about auctions is stuff like that,” he said.

Tru TV officials agreed that the items that came up for bid really added to the show.

“Every weekend night they auction just about anything from wedding dresses to live animals, you name it – so there is a lot of fascinating material to capture,” Tru TV officials stated.

Sammie said like with any other big decision, the decision to be part of the show was a family decision.

“For this to take place, all of the family had to be on board,” Sammie said.

Like with any other show, Tru TV officials are waiting to see how the ratings are before deciding whether a second season is warranted.

Whether or not that happens, Sammie said the family is proud of the show and happy that it will give people the opportunity to see something positive about Southeastern Kentucky.

“It shows how good the people around here truly are,” Sammie said, adding it has been good for the family as well.

“I don’t know when the entire family has had this much fun,” Sammie said. “It is funny and not too serious. It is just a good time.”

Kentucky Bidders will premier on Tru TV at 10:30 p.m. on Monday, July 8.



Greg (June 27, 2013) Reply

Great!! Next town over and my TV service doesn't have Tru TV

Brenda s.evans (August 05, 2013) Reply

I really enjoy sammies. Bidders would like to see more

brenda evans (August 08, 2013) Reply

I am from tenn. And i love kentucky bidders sammie and whole crew let it roll

MaryEtta (August 29, 2013) Reply

What night do you come on TV?

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