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Jury unable to reach verdict in Gilliam murder trial

Lisa Gilliam, above, is currently on trial for the murder of her husband, prominent local attorney Larry Gilliam.


After three days of testimony and more than four hours of deliberations, the jury in Lisa Gilliam's murder trial could not reach a verdict Wednesday.

Gilliam is accused of shooting and killing her husband, prominent local attorney Larry Gilliam, at his law office in London on Jan. 7, 2011

Commonwealth's Attorney Jackie Steele, who prosecuted the case, said the jury began deliberations just before 3 p.m.Wednesday.

"They came back just before 5 p.m. and told the judge they were deadlocked," Steele said.

Special Judge Robert McGinnis provided the jurors with additional instructions and sent them back to continue deliberations.

"Just before 7, they came back and said it did not appear there would be any movement toward a verdict," Steele said, adding there was no disclosure of which way the jury was leaning or what the numbers were in favor of guilty or not guilty.

Steele wrapped up the Commonwealth's case about 10:30 a.m. Wednesday. The defense spent the next four hours calling witnesses. Steele said Lisa Gilliam did not take the stand in the case.

Steele noted the instructions provided to the jury gave them no options to find Lisa Gilliam guilty of a lesser charge such as manslaughter.

This is not the end of the case. Steele said a new pretrial date has been set for Oct. 19 at which time he expects a new trial date will be set. Because Judge McGinnis covers several different counties as part of his duties, Steele could not offer a timeframe for when the new trial may take place.

Along with the new trial date, Steele said a plea agreement in the case remains an option if the parties elect to pursue it.



Victoria (September 19, 2012) Reply

Justice delayed. This jury should be ashamed.

Gabriel (September 19, 2012) Reply


Tom (September 19, 2012) Reply

Wow. This must have taken place in Mayberry because it looks like Barney Fife was in charge. All you have to do is look at the terrible case presentation by the Commonwealth Attorney and the even worse job of collecting evidence by the London Police department to see why the jury could not reach a decision. She may be guilty but burden is on the Commonwealth attorney to prove beyond a reasonable doubt and he sure didn't do it. He's going to have to do better next time if he wants a conviction.

joe blow (April 28, 2014) Reply

it all good.

joe blow (April 28, 2014) Reply

it all good.

joe blow (April 28, 2014) Reply

it all good.

joe blow (April 28, 2014) Reply

it all good.

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