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Petition for alcohol vote in Corbin approved; vote likely Feb. 21

A vote that would allow packaged alcohol sales in Corbin will likely take place Feb. 21.

Citizens for Economic Progress filed the petition on Dec. 12 at the Whitley County Clerk Kay Schwartz's Office.

Schwartz said Tuesday morning that 544 signatures were certified from the Whitley County side of Corbin, and that Knox County certified 148 signatures.

Schwartz said she has not received the official statistics from Frankfort on the November General Election, but she is sure this is more than enough signatures to place the measure on the ballot.

Kurt Kraus, Chairman of the Citizens for Economic Progress, estimated earlier this month that about 60 verified signatures were needed for the Knox County portion of Corbin and about 350 verified signatures were needed from the Whitley County side of Corbin in order to place the matter on the ballot.

If passed, Corbin would likely be allowed to issue three licenses to stores to sell package liquor of any type. An unlimited number of licenses could be issued to grocery stores, convenient marts and the like for beer sales. Also, restrictions on sales of alcohol at restaurants would become more lax. Currently, restaurants that sell alcohol must have at least 70 percent of their gross receipts come from food sales. That would drop to 50 percent.

Schwartz planned to present the petition to Whitley County Judge-Executive Pat White Jr. Tuesday afternoon. She will ask him schedule a special election for Feb. 21, but noted that date could change if a Williamsburg alcohol petition is filed in the next few days.

A petition is currently circulating in Williamsburg to place an alcohol referendum on the ballot, which would allow alcohol sales at restaurants that seat at least 100 people, and derive 70 percent of their sales from food purchases.

Organizers hope to file it before the first of the year.

If the two special elections are held on the same day, it would save the county some money.

For instance, Harp Enterprises, the vendor that sets up the voting machines, could set both machines on the same day rather than make two trips from Lexington.

Also, a technician from Harp Enterprises has to be present on the day of election, which costs about $600 per day.


miss nancy (December 29, 2011) Reply


Cheddar Pants (December 29, 2011) Reply

The United States of America is supposed to be a free country. Prohibition of any sort does not exist in free countries. The American thing to do is to legalize alcohol sales. You'll also keep revenues in your community, and reduce the occurrences of people getting on the interstate to go buy more alcohol when they're already drunk.

Rev. McFeeley (December 29, 2011) Reply

If liquor is sold here, all your chilluns will be run over by drunken drivers

MrsP (December 29, 2011) Reply

I just moved back home to Corbin after being away for 15yrs. When I left, this area was completely dry and I come back to this??? I moved from Georgia where you can buy beer, wine, etc at mass retailers and grocery stores...package stores were scattered all over and the crime rate was outrageous. They had more money and more law enforcement, bigger town, etc but there was so much violence domestically and on the street. Not to mention the drunk driver caused accidents on the highways. I WILL vote NO. Yes, it may bring more $$$ to the community BUT what is that when there are hundreds, possibly thousands that are negatively affected by alcohol and then that $$$ has to be spent to house such drunkards. God help us!

So stupid (December 29, 2011) Reply

It is not illegal to possess alcohol. So why is it illegal to sell it? Very silly. Corbin needs to catch up to the rest of the world.

Al Capone (December 30, 2011) Reply

Now I can really rack up the sales, I will put Swaffords out of business and make sure that only teenagers of legal age will be able to buy booze. Teenagers of legal age? Of course I meant they have to be 21 with a fake ID from the internet. I can close some of my nip joints and speak easy's and just sit back and revel in the profits. Since Mr. Vance has passed on I can now move in and take over the syndicate and I wont repeat the mistakes that Bugsy Malone made with the St.Valentines day massacre, Prohibition is almost gone. Bring back Elliot Ness and the "T" men.

Cherry (December 30, 2011) Reply

I believe it should go wet. Right now any kid can go to a boot legger and buy what ever they want. This might help put them out of businness. I am all for the sale in stores. In a store at least you have to sow ID a boot legger you don't. It's about time Corbin get's up with the time's. I AM ALL FOR THE SALE IN THE STORE'S!

wayne (December 30, 2011) Reply

i see that the news journal is like every body else in this freaking country if you make a comment that they dont like or dont agree with they just take your freaking post down thank you news journal for being as communist as your freaking president

AngelaW (January 03, 2012) Reply

Well, maybe it'll cut into the pill and meth pushers money, if folks have something legal to indulge in.

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