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UPDATED: Corbin city leaders plan vote on smoking ban ordinance Dec. 12

As a physician's assistant, Corbin City Commissioner Joe Shelton said he has seen, first-hand, the effects of smoking on an individual's health.

Add in that 25 percent of adult Kentuckians and almost 16 percent of Kentucky's teenagers smoke and Shelton said it was easy for him to make the motion Monday night for the Corbin City Commission to authorize the city's attorney to draw up an ordinance to ban smoking in all public places in the Corbin City Limits.

"My main objective is get the kids away from this," Shelton said, noting that most restaurants in Corbin offer "smoking" and "non-smoking" sections, but that does not keep the smoke in that area and employees are forced to work in that area.

Commissioners Joe Butch White and Ed Tye joined Mayor Willard McBurney in voting for the motion, while Commissioner Phil Gregory voted against it.

"More and more, the government is telling us what to do," Gregory said. "I don't know of a public place where you can smoke.

Who is it that needs this?"

Shelton said he has heard from numerous people that voted for him in the 2010 election, asking that he look into a smoking ban.

"Most restaurant owners are in favor of it but don't want to take it upon themselves to ban smoking," Shelton said.

With the motion approved, the next step will be for Corbin City Attorney Bob Hammons to draw up the ordinance and present it to the commission for the first reading and vote. Shelton said that could happen as soon as Dec. 12, which is the commission's next regularly scheduled meeting.

Hammons said the commission must approve the ordinance after two readings and then publish it in the newspaper of record.

"Usually goes into effect following that, but the commissioners could put an effect date on it," Hammons said.

McBurney said it will be spelled out in the ordinance who will enforce the ordinance, how it will be enforced and any potential penalties for violating the ordinance.

Those details have yet to be ironed out.

If the ordinance is passed, Corbin will join London and Campbellsville as cities in southern and eastern Kentucky who have enacted such ordinances.

Campbellsville Mayor Tony Young said the city's ordinance calls for a code enforcement officer to perform periodic checks of local business to ensure they are complying with the ordinance.

"It is up to the business owner to ensure compliance," Young said, noting the ordinance calls for a $25 fine for a first offense, a $100 fine for a second offense and $250 fine for a third offense.

"It has gone very well," Young said, "It has been accepted very well.

Young said Campbellsville is similar to Corbin in that its ordinance permits the sale of alcohol by the drink with a meal.

To his knowledge, the smoking ban has not negatively impacted economic development in the city.

"Most people are supportive of it," Young said.


Jimmy Ray (November 15, 2011) Reply

Phil Gregory is a fine example of what we need more of in elected office. We didn't vote , to have our Liberties removed. Way to go Phil.

Abby (November 15, 2011) Reply

That will be a nice Christmas present for the community!

DW (November 15, 2011) Reply

Have not smoked for 13 years but I am sick and tired of the goverment telling us what we can do and when we can do it, most resturants dont allow smoking anyway but the ones that do only do so in the lounge area where childern are not suppose to be anyway, Whats next tell people they cant smoke in there cars or in there own home...WHAT HAPPENED TO FREEDOM IN THIS COUNTRY?????? JUST MORE STUPID RULES MADE UP BY STUPID PEOPLE

Cherry (November 15, 2011) Reply

Wow I can see keeping the children away from smoke. But this is really getting Stupid. You go after the people that smoke what about the METH HEADS that make the crap around the kid's? Why aren't you doing something about that? Instead you rather go after that smoke cig's. What next? Give us a 6pm CURFEW? Tell us when we can eat? What time we need to go to Bed? WHAT HAPPEN TO THIS COUNTRY? Don't you know there are bigger problem's then this. Like ILLEGAL CROSSING OUR BORDERS? ect.. Use your head's. This Country is in bad shape and it's not from Smoking Cig's either!!!

Doug (November 15, 2011) Reply

Do we still live in the USA? Maybe someone sold it and now it's Cube/USA. Or Japan/USA? Tobacco used to be Kentuckys #1 cash crop, then it was wacky weed, now its METH. This country has bigger problems than someone smoking. I think the reason for banning smoking is that the politicians in office don't know how to solve any of the bigger problems. The Blind leading the Blind.

Phil fan (November 15, 2011) Reply

Phil Gregory is the only one on there that has any common sense. The others are spineless wimps.

smokera (November 15, 2011) Reply

What makes me sick is all the tobacco growers got RICH, therefore they could care less, and anyone who is a smoker or did smoke knows how hard it is to quit, and they are taxing us to death anyways, if the cigarettes don't get us the taxes, or the new regulations and prices going up on everything will. I refuse to eat out due to the fact that we can't enjoy a cigarette afterwards, but the big high and mighty group can smoke their cigars and drink their high dollar drinks, but it is always the little people who lose in the end. I won't vote for none of them from now on.

jacqueline fields (November 15, 2011) Reply

if joe shelton passes this stupid ordinance then i think corbin can do without my business of any kind.ive had it with this -no smokin here there or anywhere. did this smoking ban have anything to do with john hensley resigning as head honcho of the corbin hosp.? wake up IDIOTS-this is my country TOO.......

sickofsmokers (November 15, 2011) Reply

Hallelujah, Somebody is actually going to allow me to breathe clean air when I go in to pay for gas. And for all you idiot smokers out there, IF you smoke on the inside it stays on the inside and that means EVERYBODY in the restaurant is being forced into breathing your disgusting,sickening and toxic crap that comes from the chemically laced piece of doody that you are smoking. IT IS NOT TOBACCO. you are to stupid to realize not only are you killing yourself and making the taxpayers take care of you idiots, YOU also are killing those you claim to love. YOU ARE ADDICTS FOOLS, and smokers feel entitled to make others breathe their nastiness. I hope it becomes illegal just like meth. There is no difference between a smokers and a meth head anyway, both crazy and liable to fly off anytime. Its about f-ing time.

Cherry (November 16, 2011) Reply

To sickofsmokers~ If you think by passing this you will have clean air. Boy are you wrong! I smoke, If I'm in public I don't smoke around people. If I'm in someone home I don't smoke or other peoples car's. So don't put all of us in one group. You I'm sur like to eat well guess what your a just like everyone else. Your addicted to food and they put so much garbage in the food it can make you sick. Have you thought about that? Cig's is nothing like Meth or other hard drug's. Who do you heard got behing the wheel and had a wreck by smoking? Who do you hear wrecked by doing Drug's or Drinking? You are just like the rest of the Goverment IDIOT'S you want to control everything we do. Wake up there is more IMPORTANT thing going on in this world then people that Smoke. All of our Freeedom is being taken away but guess you don't care about that! Prices on everything has gone sky high but they say there is no change in this Country. Wrong! So get you head out of the sky and come back to Earth Look around is this what you really want? People Like Joe, Goverment or the Joker in the White House to tell you when, where and what you can do? This is my Freedom of Speech until that get's taken away as well...

sickofsmokers (November 16, 2011) Reply

Typical smoker b.s. What are you talking about. I could not care less if you smoke, just not where I am and that means in public as well. JUST TAKE IT OUTSIDE AWAY FROM THE DOORS, PLEASE. Your smoke contaminates the air. If you are inside a room or enclosed area the smoke stays in the enclosed area. If someone else is in that enclosed area , that someone is breathing your cigarette smoke. This is an indisputable fact. Everything about the behavior of cigarette smokers is no different than an alcoholic or drug addict of your choice, YOU simply cannot control yourself PERIOD. And I do not eat out because almost all restaurants are disgusting and the workers never wash their hands after handling someone else's money or dirty plate or pick their nasty nose or digging in their a**. AND if you don't think THAT is true Just pay attention the next time your out,and you will see stuff happen around food that would make any rational human run for the door, unless you like doody on your taco. And to address the name caller, I Eat absolutely no junk food( including Fast Food)and haven't for over a decade and I am well within a healthy BMI range,17. Thank you for caring. And I only want you to be healthy and live a long life and those around you as well, and you THINK that I am a butthole. Go figure Peace to all and I hope you and your fellow smokers can quit for the well being of us all.

Cherry (November 17, 2011) Reply

To sickofsmokers. I do not eat out. When I am in public I don't stand next to someone and blow smoke there way. I'm not like all smoker's. I don't smoke in my home I got in the yard. What I'm getting at is I'm really sick & Tired of the Goverment and other's telling us what we can and can't do. Specially when this COUNTRY is in the shape it's in. We as Legal Americans should be wanting to fix our Country and not all this little petty crap about smoker's. We are loosing our FREEDOM in many way's This is suppose to be the Land of the Free. Well think again it's not! And it seam's like all you want is for smokers not to be anywhere. Well people that are Meth head's and are making that crap with there kid's in the home, smoking it with there kid's in the home. you don't hear about people gripping about that No let's get rid of the Cig smoker's. Stop and really look around at the WORLD. See if this isn't a petty {Smoking} thing. enough said have a great life.

Whatever (November 16, 2011) Reply

I bet sickofsmokers is a big fat larda$$ who stinks. What a joke.

james (November 17, 2011) Reply

Everyone including non-smokers seem to confuse a PRIVILEGE with a RIGHT. It is a privilege to drive a vehicle, it is a right to vote or practice free speech. If what one person does infringes upon the rights of another person, that is the loss of freedom and therefore the unreasonable intrusion by the first party on the rights of the second party. To give an example, A drunk driver commits a crime when they drink and drive, not because he puts himself in danger but because he puts others on the road in danger. Everybody of legal age to drink has the " right " to drink due to the establishment of law, yet that same individual does not have the "right " to drive in public while intoxicated, thereby endangering others at a whim of a drunk. While it is currently legal to smoke almost anywhere, it is not legal to force others to participate against their will. To inform again. The ac system DOES NOT remove cigarette smoke from the air. Whether or not smoke is blown into another's face or not, does not change the fact of smoke being released into an enclosed enviroment and thereby affecting all people within that enviroment. Non-smokers only have two options, those are to breathe poison or leave the premises. And that would be fine except as soon as a non-smoking establishment becomes popular, the smokers would be demanding entrance and soon demanding to smoke. It is simply dangerous for children and elderly to be exposed, even the cigarette companies admit the facts. They also put warnings on the package that indicates the product will cause issues that will cause death. It is the truth and if people that smoke cannot quit on their on , then they must be forced to do so. Smokers pay a double premium on health insurance and up to a 1000 or more dollars annually, just for the privilege of slowly damaging themselves until the point of irreversible damage has been done, i.e. cancer or whatever else. I cannot stop anyone from doing anything to themselves, but I should have the RIGHT to protect myself and the statistic that says 25% in this area smoke is extremely disturbing because that means alot of children are being exposed daily to toxins by their parents or caregiver. If it was any other substance like pills or coke and it was being administered to children by their parents, we as a society would demand the imprisonment of said parents. If one wants to lie to themselves that's fine, but I know that good decent people would never condone that, how can anyone expect me to not rage against the actions of the offenders and there are a great many of those, sad to say. No one is telling you to quit, just to quit forcing others to be damaged by your presence and habits. Honestly, is that too much to ask for? P.S. by the way, in case no one has ever told you, cigarettes really do make smokers stink really bad, I would prefer them to not bathe as to smell like smoke because it is less offensive. Ask any ex-smoker, they will confirm this. Many a beautiful woman becomes instantly disgusting when I see them light up and that is really a shame. The peaceful exchange of ideas is great , isn't it?

KES11 (November 16, 2011) Reply

Praise the good LORD for people like Joe Shelton! This is about the health and well being of ME and MY CHILDREN not smoker's rights or government intrusion. Every time I am out in public and come across someone smoking, guess what? You are invading MY private space because you fail to restrain your nasty smoke to yourself and your space! Smoking is one of the MAIN REASONS people in Kentucky have such high death rates from strokes and heart attacks. IF you confine your smoking to your home where it can only hurt your health and those who you so openly disrespect in your home then it's between you and God. Smoking in public and hurting me and my kids is MY business and as a citizen the GOVERNMENTS business to! I'm 100% for "government intrusion" if it can potentially save me from getting lung cancer!

Whatever (November 16, 2011) Reply

What a bunch of long winded crap. Just don't go to restaurants where they smoke. Easy enough.

Cherry (November 16, 2011) Reply

To Whatever. They don't have enough brain cell's left to think of that on there own. Someone need's to tell them what to do. Like these Law maker's are telling us now what we can and can't do which is a bunch of crap! The sickofsmoker dude want's clean air too. Well when they can find a way to clean up the Fossile Fuel which if you don't know what that is it's Gas and oil. That put's so much Junk in the air more them Smoker's. But too it's all about MONEY! How can the city country make more money and never touch the subject's that need to be addressed. Durg Dealers Bootleggers, crooked Politition's, that's a big one there. Not enough time and don't want to sit here and tell these people that haven't a clue what is wrong with this Country! But Agree with whatever JUST DON'T GO THERE. eat at home!

james (November 17, 2011) Reply

so your suggestion is that everyone stay home that doesn't smoke. How about, just control your urge and be pleasant and respectful and smoke outside. That way we all get to play. Cherry you are a very shallow minded and selfish person. I feel pity for you and yours. If smoke did not harm others I would not say a word. You know it does and prove it to yourself, go run 5 miles or 500 feet, whichever chokes you up first. If you cough one time then the smokes did some damage PERIOD.

Government takeover (November 16, 2011) Reply

Welcome to Russia.

DS (November 16, 2011) Reply

The minority which yells the loudest, 25% who smoke, many of which don't seem to understand that government has a responsibility to protect the health of its citizens. Over 160,000 people die each year due to smoke related issues. Thank you Joe Shelton for trying to protect us from those who are killing themselves. Pity the poor person who can't do without a smoke for an hour while they eat. It is time for Corbin to get out of the dark ages and join what other smart people have done all over the U.S. This is government at its best when it fights for our well-being.

Well now (November 17, 2011) Reply

So you think the government needs to take care of us? By your logic we should ban french fries and onion rings too. Those kinds of finds have taken a devastating toll on our overall health in this country. Just look at all the big fat people we have. I'd say obesity is a bigger problem than smoking.

Deez Nuts (November 17, 2011) Reply

I guess this is another Bill Ed Cannon thing. Phil Gregory must have been paid to vote this way because everybody knows nobody has any sense.

Deez Nuts (November 17, 2011) Reply

I guess this is another Bill Ed Cannon thing. Phil Gregory must have been paid to vote this way because everybody knows nobody has any sense. Its all money driven in Corbin.

Joseph (November 18, 2011) Reply

I hope this passes, it is long past time for Corbin to take this particular issue into account. I am particularly glad that they've taken into account those working in an environment that allows a smoking-section. In this down economy you have to take work where you can find it --you don't really have a choice where to work, just wherever is hiring-- but the fact that some people are having to be exposed to dangerous and harmful smoke while their working a low-paying job is unacceptable! Sure, you might say 'don't like it don't work there' but when you have a family to support and can't find work anywhere else you don't have many options, and forbid you say anything about the situation! The least the city can do is ensure a safe and healthy work environment, where employees aren't exposed to dangerous chemicals that cause cancer and myriads of other health issues. Preventative medicine is the best type of medicine, and will save individuals and the state millions of dollars a year.

james durham (November 18, 2011) Reply

Trent Knuckles is a complete jackass. How can he not be for a smoking ban. It’s good for the people of Corbin. There are no benefits from smoking whatsoever. I thought Trent was a somewhat intelligent person. Being a father you would think he would be happy that his child will not have to be exposed to secondhand smoke when he takes her to a local restaurant. He says the ban will hurt the business of some of our restaurants. Well I don’t know about him but I go to a restaurant to eat not smoke. If it does hurt a restaurant maybe it’s their poor quality of food and not the smoking ban. Don’t forget smoking is a privilege not a right. Thank you Joe Shelton and the rest of the commissioners that voted for the ban. It can’t begin soon enough for me.

Corbinite (November 20, 2011) Reply

I am so tired of "smokers" rights....what about NON SMOKERS!! NOT my problem that you have to light up a cancer stick after dinner.....THANK GOD for Joe Shelton! Phil Gregory is the one that is spineless!!!

pat (November 20, 2011) Reply

Good for you Phil! You have my vote. We smokers need to start a petition,and to stand up for our rights. If Corbin passes this ordinance we smokers need to spend our money somewhere else. Thanks again Phil

Kay (November 23, 2011) Reply

I know this seems like a freedom of rights issue but it's not. Its the responsibility of our officials and employers to keep their citizens and employees healthy. Second Hand Smoke kills 3000 people a year. I thank you smokers who do respect others when smoking but there are many who do not. I have a daughter with severe asthma there are local stores she can not eve stand by the door without having an attack. An employee who works in a smoking atmosphere for a year, wil have the lungs of someone who smokes two packs of cigarettes a day. Many smokers I know do support clean air. They don't take thier kids to smoke filled restaurants... and for those that have "non smoking areas" thats a joke. thats the same as having a Peeing secion in your pool. Its still going to go all over.

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