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Printing company employee arrested for making phony prescription pads

An employee at a local printing company was arrested Tuesday on charges he was printing phony prescription pads and writing his own prescriptions for Hydrocodone.

Ryan E. Lannen, 23, of Corbin was arrested on 42 counts of fraudulently obtaining prescriptions and forgery of prescriptions following an investigation by Laurel County Sheriff's deputies.

Laurel County Sheriff's Public Affairs Officer Gilbert Acciardo said deputies received unspecified information about Lannen and began the investigation.

Lannen allegedly used the names of several doctors in the Corbin area on his prescription pads. He has admitted to investigators that he has been making the pads and writing the prescriptions for about six months, obtaining approximately 2,500 Hydrocodone pills. During that time, he used about 10 Hydrocodone pills per day.

Acciardo emphasized that he Lannen did not have a doctor - patient relationship with any of the practitioners.

The prescription pads were not part of a legitimate order, but were made up by Lannen.

"In the past, we might have seen some prescription blanks stolen, but this is the first time we have seen a situation where someone was making their own," Acciardo said.

Lannen was not selling or sharing the blanks with anyone, using them only for his own benefit, Acciardo said.

While Lannen was working for the printer, Acciardo said investigators have not linked the company, anyone associated with the company, or the practitioners to the forgery. Because of that, deputies are not releasing the name of the printing company or the doctors.

Lannen remains in the Laurel County Detention Center. No bond has been set in the case.

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