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EXTRA CONTENT: Following resignation, Cannon will serve as city consultant at same pay

Read Cannon's letter of resignation and consulting agreement by clicking here.

After 13 years, Bill Ed Cannon is out as Corbin City Manager. However, he will remain involved in Corbin city government through Nov. 8.

Cannon, who was recently discovered on a list of Knox County property owners delinquent on their tax bills, turned in his letter of resignation effective at the close of business on Monday.

"Please accept my sincere thanks for the opportunity you gave me to work with you for the past 13 years; and the personal closeness and the consideration and support shown by the Citizens of Corbin and the political leaders that I have been privileged to work beside," Cannon stated in the letter that City Attorney Bob Hammons read aloud at the meeting.

While Cannon is stepping down from the city manager position, the commission approved an agreement for Cannon to remain as an on-call consultant with the city for the next three months.

Cannon will be "on-call" to city officials during that time. However, he will continue to be paid the same salary, $78,000 that he received as city manager. In addition, he will continue to receive his benefits and vacation, though he will not be eligible for sick pay.

Corbin Mayor Willard McBurney said there are a number of grant applications in which Cannon is involved as well as other projects on the table.

"Hopefully, before he leaves, we will have most of these grants and projects wrapped up and a replacement in place," said Commissioner Joe White.

Neither McBurney nor the commissioners would comment on what led to the resignation, only saying that it was the right time and now that it is over and done with, it is time for the city to move forward.

McBurney said the city will immediately begin the process of finding a new city manager. The vacancy will be advertised in the newspaper and trade magazines.

After the commissioners voted unanimously to accept Cannon's resignation, Commissioner Joe Shelton offered his thanks to Cannon for his service to the City of Corbin.

"On a personal note, I will miss Bill Ed a lot," Shelton said. "He is a good friend."


City resident (August 08, 2011) Reply


Joe (August 08, 2011) Reply

This guy has been shady for years. Feeding at the public trough and not paying his taxes is the least of the problems. This is a good start.

Maggie Napier (August 09, 2011) Reply

The city of Corbin pays that much for this postion, Corbin has a hiring freeze on becauuse its broke? take a look arround the town sidewalks streets lights water and we want to know why we are broke,what do they do?He gets paid for how many months,good old boys?

John (August 09, 2011) Reply

this should have happened years ago. great news.

Jean Valjean (August 09, 2011) Reply

I will make a prediction; another Good Ole Boy from the GOP (Grand Old Party) will take his place at a higher pay scale. Did you know that the City Mgr is granted a take home car, expense account for lunch and entertaining as well as whatever he wants. If someone is making close to $80k a year how in the world can he not pay taxes for so long? Just another corrupt official exposed by a local newspaper, way to go Dean Manning. I wonder who will get the local Pulitzer Prize this year? Wouldn't surprise me if Carson Mullins is brought back to MANAGE the City. Some crony will take over, you wait and see.

A fan (August 09, 2011) Reply

Dean Manning for city manager!!!!

Bill Morgan (August 10, 2011) Reply

When he was city manager did he get his brother or his family member to build a bridge down by the primary school and other places at hudge costs?

a resident (August 10, 2011) Reply

He should have been fired years ago for malfeasance and general poor job performance. Talk about someone who knows how to work the system, it is this guy. The fact he gets three additional months paid shows the whole system is totally broken. Until someone has the guts to actually make some changes this community will continue to be lorded over by those who are more concerned about lining their pockets than making this area better. Must blame the voters as they keep these fools around. You don't always get what you pay for because we are paying for a bunch of nothing.

Hometown Girl (August 12, 2011) Reply

Bill Ed, along with most of the Good Ol' Boys of Corbin politics are dirty and its about time that he gets booted. I know a few more that should be ousted. I applied for the GM position at The Arena. I met all of the qualifications for the 10 years experience in the entertainment venue business - I worked at some of the most successful venues in the country- and in addition, I grew up in Corbin so I had the city's best interest at heart. I personally offered Bill Ed six national touring concerts last year and he flat out said "no"! FYI..... the current GM was secretly hired before SMG was even told they were being ousted. The city by law is supposed to give all candidates an interview but they didn't interview anyone! The hiring process was all for show! It pains me to see that arena go to waste when I could have saved it and still could! My point......just like everything else that goes across their desk the city officials in Corbin will always and forever screw it up. Cannon's resignation is music to my ears!

barney (August 15, 2011) Reply

bill will gust go to london or williamsburg or a close town and move right in they need to through all the people in corbin out and let london run the town at least they want to grow

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