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Park Manager says issues at Cumberland Falls Lodge restaurant rectified

After the first string of countywide health inspections for the 2011 calendar year were completed in the early weeks of July, the Cumberland Falls State Resort Park's restaurant once again scored a low number.

Back in 2009, the Riverview Restaurant scored a 79, the lowest health inspection score in Whitley County at the time.
And though the most recent score, an 84, was not as low, cleanliness issues remain the same for one of Kentucky's state funded restaurants.

According to the inspection report on July 8, Whitley County Health Department Environmentalist Paul Lawson inspected the Falls restaurant at DuPont Lodge and cited them for several violations.

One violation came when Lawson witnessed an employee handling dirty dishes and then clean ones without properly washing his hands between the two processes. The other came after Lawson discovered that a three-compartmental sink did not have the required sanitizer.

Other violations included a microwave and cooking utensils in bad repair, soiled equipment, improper storage of ice scoopers, improper storing of clean utensils in soiled containers, no hand soap or towels at a hand sink nor in the women's restroom, soiled floors and the walls and ceiling throughout the kitchen being in bar repair.

Lawson set a follow up inspection for 10 days later, in which Cumberland Falls State Resort Park Manager Dave Jordan assured that the restaurant had corrected their mistakes.

"Since that date we have passed our re-evaluation with a 94," Jordan said. "This (first inspection) proved to be only an isolated incident where a dishwasher was not following the proper hand washing procedures. The employee has since been educated on the correct way to do so.

Lawson had no comment when asked about the violations by the News Journal.

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