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Corbin City Manager owes thousands in unpaid taxes

Corbin's top city official is mired under the weight of an ever-increasing pile of unpaid property taxes, owing more than $4,500 to Knox County on three separate properties - and some of the unpaid bills date back a decade.

Based on a News Journal assessment of Knox County tax records, Corbin City Manager Bill Ed Cannon currently owes roughly $4,561 in property taxes to the county.

In the latest list of the county's delinquent property taxes, Cannon's name is listed three times: twice in connection with lots in Cardinal Heights Subdivision, where he resides, and again on an unpaid bill associated with a home on Roy Kidd Ave. According to the latest figures from the clerk's office, Cannon owes $713.50 on the Roy Kidd Ave. home, formerly leased to the Knox County Ambulance Service. He owes $1,625.73 on a lot in Cardinal Heights Subdivision on Robin Road for the 2010 tax year. Another $240.16 bill for an adjacent property is currently rolled into a lawsuit brought against Cannon, and his wife Rose, over a delinquent 2009 tax bill for $242.32. With fees, the unpaid 2009 bill, at the time the lawsuit was filed, would be $368.94.
The bill that has resulted in litigation was purchased last year by Tax Ease Lien Servicing, LLC, a company based in Dallas, TX that specializes in collecting unpaid property taxes for a profit. The company, and others, will purchase unpaid property tax bills in bulk and then charge lucrative fees that taxpayers must pay in order to avoid foreclosure.

In the lawsuit, Tax Ease is asking that the property be sold at auction to pay what is owed, plus the fees.

Cannon's tax problems stretch back more than a couple of years, however.

He owes $981.79 on an outstanding 2002 tax bill on the Roy Kidd Ave. home and an additional $630.74 on the same property for 2001.

"It's disgraceful," said Corbin City Commissioner Joe "Butch" White, who is serving his first term on the city's five-member Board of Commissioners. "These things shouldn't happen ... I think everybody should pay their taxes. Nobody is exempt, I don't care how high you go."

White noted that a portion of Cannon's $78,000 annual salary from the city comes from taxpayers who live in the Knox County portion of Corbin. He said Cannon's tax woes are a source of embarrassment for city leaders and send a bad message to the public. He added the issue is something he plans on discussing with fellow commissioners at the next regular meeting of the Board of Commissioners Aug. 8.

Corbin Mayor Willard McBurney declined to comment on the situation. Phil Gregory, the Commission's longest serving active member, also refused to comment.

Cannon is currently vacationing and phone messages seeking comment were not returned by press time.

Knox County officials say each month the bills are delinquent, fees and penalties continue to pile up.

Also, some of the bills could be sold again soon to companies or individuals who wish to collect on them. Sale of Knox County's delinquent 2010 property tax bills is set for Aug. 26 at 10:00 a.m. at the Knox County Clerk's office.


Jonas Fleming (July 28, 2011) Reply

about time someone expose the corruption around here great story it is good to see that not all the newspaper around here are scared to reports the truth

just wondering (July 28, 2011) Reply

So can you be arrested for not paying taxes?

dave jacobs (July 29, 2011) Reply

Fire him now! He is totally inept at his job . Hire someone who will pay their taxes. Obviously it requires no special skills to do this job.

Give me a break (July 29, 2011) Reply

Seriously people? Who hasn't been late on property taxes unless they're taken out with your house payment. They are due right before Christmas in a lump sum. Not every state even has these taxes. It's not like he's not ever paid taxes. $4,000. is not even a lot to be unpaid if you own any property at all. And the taxes keep going up and up, but wages are not. Property taxes are hard to keep up with. Have you ever gone to renew your car tags and they tell you that you owe something from a previous owned car that you had no clue about? I have! Give the guy a break! Life is expensive!!

Get real (July 29, 2011) Reply

10 years late! There's no excuse for that especially if you are an important person like him living off th taxpayers.

Tina (August 03, 2011) Reply

The guy makes 78,000.00 + and can't pay his taxes, you gimme a break!!!! His tax bills should have been sold a long time ago!!!

Reba Phelps (July 30, 2011) Reply

Thanks for printing the truth regarding members of our city government. Times Tribune fails in that regard.

yes (August 02, 2011) Reply

Corbin Times = epic fail.

jimmie smith (July 30, 2011) Reply


Matt (July 30, 2011) Reply

Thanks dean manning keep up the truth man keep us informed give dean a raise

A guy (July 31, 2011) Reply

the journal is the only paper not scared to tell the truth about what is going on at sh!tty hall.

Reader (August 02, 2011) Reply

what a joke!

Dr.J im (August 01, 2011) Reply

Freeze on hiring streets full of holes weeds arround the schools,sewer system a gum the old sheriffs outfit was a bunch of drug thugs so where do our taxes go? Police dept is good out of this mess,so what now city of Corbin, cast your stones pay taxes lend unto Corbin what is Corbins.

intheknow (August 02, 2011) Reply

Next time you start to blame Mayor McBurney for problems in the city, remember his position is mainly an honorary job. Cannon is the one who actually oversees the running of the city...when things go wrong Willard is just there to catch the blame. I have to give McBurney credit...he takes the criticism gracefully.

What you say is true (August 02, 2011) Reply

I agree. How much longer is MCBurney going to take the heat for Bill Edd?

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