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ONLY ONLINE: Police discover meth labs in vacant Woodbine home

Whitley County Sheriff's deputies discovered three one-step methamphetamine labs early Tuesday evening while answering a complaint about suspicious activity inside a vacant Woodbine house.

Sheriff's Sgt. Shawn Jackson said that according to Sheriff Colan Harrell deputies received an anonymous call about drug activity at a vacant house at 124 Walters Road in Woodbine.

The caller told police that the home had been boarded up and was suspected to be a drug house, Jackson said.

When Jackson and Corbin Police Officer Jeff Hill arrived at the scene, they observed a male subject flee out the window of the residence, and a fresh trail cut through the weeds where the suspect apparently fled along with several pieces of trash believed to be parts of a one-step meth lab.

"He tried to dispose of it throwing it out the window. When we got here, we smelled a strong chemical smell associated with the manufacture of methamphetamine," Jackson said.

Jackson said police looked through a window and saw suspicious items inside. A closer examination of the empty residence turned up two females inside, who were passed out.

"There were several items inside sitting in plain view once we got inside the residence. We noticed that there were possibly three active one-step methamphetamine labs," he said.

"There are all the ingredients here used in the manufacture of methamphetamine. There is an HCL generator in addition to the three active one-step labs. There are numerous chemicals and possibly some finished product as well."

The two female suspects, Samantha Carr and Tiffany Anders, were taken outside the residence, and into police custody.
Jackson said that the male suspect, Dewayne Hensley, was located at his relative's nearby residence.

Hensley was found hiding in a garage area, and briefly resisted arrest resulting in a small altercation with Jackson. No one was injured during the altercation.

Jackson said that deputies planned to charge all three with manufacture of methamphetamine. He said Hensley would also be charged with fleeing or evading police and resisting arrest.

Jackson said that the two females might also be charged with drug possession stemming from several pills found inside the residence where they were located.

"This was a problem. We have received several complaints about this specific residence over the past couple of months," Jackson noted.

While officers were at the scene, Jackson said that three area residents came up to police thanking them for making the arrest along with people at a nearby market.

"This just shows that the community is sick of this stuff. We are working with the community doing all we can do. Together the community working together with the Whitley County Sheriff's Department, we are definitely going to make an impact. This is just a prime example of it," Jackson added.

Sheriff's Capt. Greg Pace, who is a drug investigator for the department, also responded to the scene to help inventory the evidence.

At press time, a Kentucky State Police chemical disposal team was in route to the scene to dispose of the meth labs.


woodbiner (July 13, 2011) Reply

Catch them and lock all the magets up for a long long time, how many more or we going to let these magots steal from rape and terrorize? Go sheriffs dept we are proud of you that is something we could not say for a long long time with the dshonared Hodge mafia!

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