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Facebook post leads to arrest of AWOL Marine in Williamsburg

If you're going to go leave the military without permission, then it probably isn't a good idea to post your whereabouts on Facebook.

About 4:26 a.m. Tuesday, Whitley County Sheriff's Lt. Dennis Foley charged Terry J. McCullah, 19, of 7200 Highway 904E, with being a federal fugitive.

Foley arrested McCullah at his mother's residence after sheriff's deputies got a request from the United States Marine Corps to apprehend McCullah for "military desertion," according to court documents.

The apprehension request from Sgt. Alisha M. Dexter, a USMC Sgt./Military Police Deserter Investigator, noted that she had talked with McCullah's mother, Rosalie Croley, who denied having any information about her son's whereabouts.

A Facebook comment 23 hours before Dexter sent the apprehension request noted that McCullah was at his mother's house, she noted on the apprehension request worksheet.

McCullah, a private first class, enlisted on Sept. 1, 2009, and has been absent since March 10, 2011. He is a 2010 graduate of Whitley County High School.

McCullah was lodged in the Whitley County Detention Center, but is expected to be picked up by military police within 72 hours.


Howard (May 25, 2011) Reply

Sounds as though the young deserter is not exactly playin' with a full-deck . . .

Don (May 26, 2011) Reply

Sounds like he did a delayed enlistment. This is a problem when recruiters are allowed in Schools.

Mike (May 26, 2011) Reply

Marines cannot be AWOL. That is an Army and Air force Term. UA, Unauthorized Absence is the correct term. Desertion only takes place after 90 days of being UA

Evan (November 12, 2011) Reply

It is 30 days, not 90.

Todd (May 26, 2011) Reply

AWOL is short for absent without leave which is Article 86 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. It is called the Uniform Code of Military Justice because it applies to all of the branches of service. This does include the Marine Corp. The Marines are bound by the UCMJ just as the other branches of service are!

Todd (May 26, 2011) Reply

If you check, you will also find that the military will presume that after 30 days of being AWOL the defendant has no intention of returning to duty and will then potentially change the charge to desertion.

BD (June 11, 2011) Reply

So this kid is essentially a prisoner of the US Govenment , and they are treating him as such. If he and other deserters want out so badly, what are their options? Wouldn't having the option to leave make it more honorable for those who stay? Wouldn't it also encourage more recruits? Why are they bounty hunting teenagers who just want their life back?

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