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2009 Little Miss/Master and Junior Miss Nibroc Pageant winners

The 2009 Little Miss/Master and Junior Miss Nibroc Pageant was held this past Saturday. Kenadi Reese Carson and Matthew Peyton Hamilton were named 2009 Little Miss and Master Nibroc. Kaitlyn Ranae Tompkins was named 2009 Junior Miss Nibroc.

Listed below are the individual winners for each age division:

Infant Miss Nibroc 0-5 months: Infant Miss Nibroc - Rylee Lynn Spray; Best Dresseed - Rylee Lynn Spray; Best Personality - Jazzlyn Paige Miles; Best Smile - Rylee Lynn Spray; Best Hair - Jazzlyn Paige Mmiles; and Most Beautiful - Addison Chloe Mae Williams.

Infant Master Nibroc 0-5 months: Infant Master Nibroc - Peyton Myles Hubbs; Best Dressed - Peyton Myles Hubbs; Best Personality - Dalton Kane Henderson; Best Smile - Dalton Kane Henderson; Best Hair - Joel Lyndon Xavier Brown; and Most Handsome - Lucas Scott Moses.

Baby Miss Nibroc 6-11 months: Baby Miss Nibroc - Kenadi Reese Carson; Best Dressed - Jaycee Ann Spray; Best Personality - Kara Michelle Parrett; Best Smile - Jayla McKenzie Neal; Best Hair - Kenadie Reese Carson; and Most Beautiful - Myleigh Ernstring.

Baby Master Nibroc 6-11 months: Baby Master Nibroc - Christian Willoughby; Best Dressed - Chase Allen Barnes; Best Personality - Nicholas Perry; Best Smile - Tristan Xavier Anderson; Best Hair -  Christian Willoughby; and Most Handsome - Nicholas Perry.

Tiny Toddler Miss Nibroc 12-17 months: Tiny Toddler Miss Nibroc - Jozy Rae Vanover; Best Dressed - Emma Elizabeth Champlin; Best Personality - Madalyn Newberry; Best Smile - Claire McKinley Hedrick; Best Hair - Addyson Grace Taylor; and Most Beautiful - Emma Elizabeth Champlin.

Tiny Toddler Master Nibroc 12-17 months: Tiny Toddler Master Nibroc - Mason Kade Rountree; Best Dressed - Brady Allen Mills; Best Personality - Mason Kade Rountree; Best Smile - Brady Allen  Mills; Best Hair - Mason Kade Rountree; and Most Handsome - Brady Allen Mills.

Toddler Miss Nibroc 18-23 months: Toddler Miss Nibroc - Natalee Ann Rickett; Best Dressed - Emma Lashay Wyatt; Best Personality - Destiny Christian; Best Smile - Jaslynn Nicole Harrell; Best Hair - Emma Zilinsky; and Most Beautiful - Kaylee Walters.

Toddler Master Nibroc 18-23 months: Toddler Master Nibroc - Bryson K. Woods; Best Dressed - Bryson K. Woods; Best Personality - Bryson K. Woods; Best Smile - Bryson K. Woods; Best Hair - Bryson K. Woods; and Most Handsome: Bryson K. Woods.

Teeny Miss Nibroc 2 years: Teeny Miss Nibroc - Presley Kay Reeves; Best Dressed - Presley Kay Reeves; Best Personality - Landrey Prewitt; Best Smile - Rylee Alexis Parker; Best Hair - Rylee Alexis Parker; and Most Beautiful - Adyson Reese Martin.

Teeny Master Nibroc 2 years: Teeny Master Nibroc - Matthew Peyton Hamilton; Best Dressed - Kaleb Smith; Best Personality - Axton Mills; Best Smile - Axton Mills; Best Hair - Matthew Peyton Hamilton; and Most Handsome - Kaleb Smith.

Wee Miss Nibroc 3 years: Wee Miss Nibroc - Lauren Mattyson Hamilton; Best Dressed - Ella Beth Gray; Best Personality - Jaden Drummonds; Best Smile - Savannah Hoffman; Best Hair - Bonnie Jewell Brown; and Most Beautiful - Bonnie Jewell Brown.

Wee Master Nibroc 3 years: Wee Master Nibroc - Zackary Gambrell; Best Dressed - Johnavan Noa Xzavier Brown; Best Personality - Zackary Gambrell; Best Smile - Austin Cole Robbins; Best Hair - Zackary Gambrell; and Most Handsome - Austin Cole Robbins.

Young Miss Nibroc 4 years: Young Miss Nibroc - Juliana Nichole Smith; Best Dressed - Madison K. Baker; Best Personality - McKenzie Lawson; Best Smile - Frankie Howard; Best Hair - Abigail Kathryn Gambrell; and Most Beautiful - Madison K. Baker.

Tiny Miss Nibroc 5-6 years: Tiny Miss Nibroc - Raegan Grace Robbins; Best Dressed - Raegan Grace Robbins; Best Personality- Emma Elizabeth Smith; Best Smile - Lexie Hope Cloud; Best Hair - Brooklyn Nicole Colinger; and Most Beautiful - Amber Smith.

Tiny Master Nibroc 5-6 years: Tiny Master Nibroc - Jaice Sebastian Zachariah Brown.

Petite Miss Nibroc 7-9 years: Petite Miss Nibroc - Cassidy West; Best Dressed - Ellie Jane Carloftis; Best Personality - Haleigh Breanna Poynter; Best Smile - Alexis Strunk; Best Hair - Alice Ward; and Most Beautiful - Taylor Olivia Thomas.

Pre-Tenn Miss Nibroc 10-12 year: Pre-Teen Miss Nibroc - Bailee Renee O’Kuma and Madison Lee O’Kuma; Best Dressed - Bailee Renee O’Kuma; Best Personality - Makenzie Belew; Best Smile - Kailey Alyse Owens; Best Hair - Makenzie Belew; and Most Beautiful - Bailee Renee O’Kuma and Madison Lee O’Kuma.

Teen Miss Nibroc 13-15 years: Teen Miss Nibroc - Kaitlyn Ranae Tompkins; Best Dressed - Kaitly Ranae Tompkins; Best Personality - Alexandria Smith; Best Smile - Brittany King; Best Hair - Kaitlyn Ranae Tompkins; and Most Beautiful - Kennedy Foley.