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Golden alert couple found safe in Georgia

Homer and Jeanette Martin

The search for a missing elderly Corbin couple with early onset dementia, who were reported missing Thursday, ended Sunday morning.

Whitley County Sheriff Colan Harrell said the couple was found at a gas station in St. Mary, Ga. about 8:15 a.m.
They were out of gas and out of money and contacted an individual, who then alerted police, Harrell said.

“They are safe and in good condition,” Harrell said. “This is one that had a happy ending. A lot of prayers were answered, including mine. I was really concerned for these people.”

A Golden Alert was issued shortly before 10 a.m. Friday for Jeanette Martin, 77, and Homer Martin, 80, who had been last seen about 4 p.m. last Sunday at their home, which is located at 188 Black Diamond Road near
Corbin. The couple's daughter, Karen Salmons, went by their residence to check on them Thursday night but they were gone, and she contacted the sheriff’s department. Harrell said the couple had gone to a second home that they had in Florida
and were on their way back to Kentucky when they ran out of gas and money.

Police talked to someone, who had spoken to the couple in Florida on Thursday, but the person didn’t know they had been reported missing at the time.

The couple didn’t realize that people were looking for them, and they didn’t have a cell phone, Harrell said.

The St. Mary’s Police Department is currently assisting the couple, and have arranged to take the couple to the airport to meet Terry Blankenship, Jeanette Martin’s son, who is flying his plane down there to pick them up, Harrell said.



Betty White (October 15, 2012) Reply

Sounds like to me this nice couple needs to be watched a lot closer. It's devastating to anyone when they have to give up their freedom such as driving. But if they have dementia or Alzheimers there is no other choice, I had to take my mothers freedom at the age of 75. It was hard and Alzheimers came on almost overnight, within one week of her being diagnosed the symptoms increased tenfold and forced into a nursing home. I don't have the resources or experience to care for her and her medical condition requires daily monitoring. This nice couple will have to endure humiliating conditions and eventually accept their fate. I dread having to face old age, I'm 52 and know it's coming. But one consolation, my income allows me not to be a financial burden to my family. No worries there, but I'm sure my kids will fight over the money.

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