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Homeowner captures alleged burglar, holds him until police arrive

A Whitley County resident chased down and held an alleged burglar until police arrived Saturday morning, but the suspect claims that he was just out looking for his cat at 3:35 a.m.

Joshua L. Bennett, 33, of 65 Wilson Road, pleaded not guilty to a charge of third-degree burglary during his arraignment Monday afternoon before District Judge Cathy Prewitt, who left his bond at $25,000 cash. She scheduled an Oct. 16 preliminary hearing in his case.

The incident happened at 77 Wilson Road about one mile south of Williamsburg.

Kentucky State Police received call from Danny Sullivan reporting an intruder, and then contacted Williamsburg Police Officer Brandon White asking for assistance.

Williamsburg Police Chief Wayne Bird said that state police had officers on duty at the time, but they were tied at the other end of the county so White responded since the call was so close to Williamsburg.

When White arrived at the scene, he found the victim holding Bennett down on the ground, he wrote on the arrest citation.

Sullivan told police that he looked out his kitchen window and saw a male run behind his garage and heard a noise at his storage trailer. He allegedly saw Bennett inside with a light and called police, White wrote.

Prior to police arriving, Sullivan allegedly saw Bennett run from the trailer, then chased him down, caught him, and held him down until police arrived, according to the citation.

White smelled alcohol on Bennett, who told officers that he did not enter the trailer and the reason he was there was looking for his cat, White wrote.

Sullivan had no trespassing signs posted on his property.

Bennett was lodged in the Whitley County Detention Center.

Bird added that he would strongly advise people against trying to apprehend suspects on their own.

"It's not a good idea to go out especially that late of night and confront somebody," Bird said. "You never know what that person's state of mind is, what their intentions are or what they might be armed with. I definitely would not recommend it."


Fedup (October 10, 2012) Reply

Seriously? Probability is.....this person (?) would not had been caught if the home owner had not done what he done. Are we to just let them take away anything they want to. Yes, I know that we have police to do this job, but, it rarely happens. In fact, I called the police (approximately 3 years ago) about a prowler I saw on my property and guess what..........the police have never showed up until this day. That will sure get the job done! Yes, I know what the situation was like 3 years ago, and I believe that it is better now. Still, you have to do what you have to do. I believe everyone is understanding of his own capabilities. Trust your instinct. I am pleased that this upstanding citizen who was "looking for his cat" found his a## handed to him. It would happen here too.

Joe Friday (October 10, 2012) Reply

Real scenario that happened in a small community, a man confronted a burglar in his house, the suspect had stolen several small valuable items and when he saw the homeowner he took off running out of the house. The suspect was wearing a white tshirt and blue jeans, with short cropped hair. The homeowner told his wife to call 911, he got his gun and chased the burglar out the door. The wife described the suspect and what he was wearing and he had something shiny in his hand. Homeowner sees police the police a block down the street they confront the homeowner and tell him to drop his weapon, he is agitated and inadvertantly points the gun at the cops. They shoot him if fear of their lives, afterall they are chasing a felony burglary suspect and possibly armed. Why did they shoot the homeowner? He had short cropped hair, a chrome plated hand gun in his hand (shiny object) and he was wearing a WHITE T SHIRT and BLUE JEANS. He lived but tried to sue the cops, they won because he should have stayed at home to wait for the police, and the wife described exactly what the burglar was wearing. How would they know? Moral of the story, unless your life or that of your family is in great danger, let the cops chase him. I was a cop on TV and Radio for years, take my advice. We ask for the facts and we get them, that's why it turned bad.

Maie (October 10, 2012) Reply

I know all the people involved in this case. The truth is either person could be telling the truth. The homeowner is paranoid to the point where HE is out walking all hours of the night in the neighborhood. The young man out looking for his cat really does have a cat called Mia who thinks she owns the neighborhood lol. Truth is she about does since she was there before either of these men lol.

Buddy (October 11, 2012) Reply

Several pill heads with a history of crime stole items from my property including guns. I filed a police report but they did nothing because some of the suspects were well connected and others were police informers. So much for calling the police.

Understanding (October 11, 2012) Reply

I do understand Wayne's point but I agree someone should know there limitations and capabilities; have someone call while you protect your property. We as citizens have this right. If you are looking for a cat @ 3 am expect to be arrested, especially if you are inside someone's storage bdlg. What a joke! Additionally I have the upmost for the job of law enforcement and 'some' of our officers. Brandon did the right thing responding to this call if the State officers were truly on another call; my question is, where was the sheriff's dept??? At home in bed? Point being, mostly we should leave it up to the PD but what if no-one had been available? I too have called in a call for a prowler and no-one ever responded....ever. I never even received a phone call or a drive-by to make sure things were okay and it wasn't the middle of the night. Good job Mr. Sullivan on your 'citizen's arrest' as well as calling for back up from the authorities.

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