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Corbin's first liquor store may open this weekend

The first of Corbin's three planned liquor stores could open as early as this Friday, owners said Monday - more than a month earlier than the deadline set by the state Alcohol Beverage Control Office.

Jack Taylor, owner of Liquor Mart, said Monday that work is proceeding at a efficient pace on his Corbin store which will be located in the old Dairy Queen building near Trademart Shopping Center.

"We've worked really hard to get open by Oct. 1 and I think we are going to meet that deadline," Taylor said. "I think there's a need here for it and just to be open. We've been issued the license and I just felt like we need to be open as soon as possible."

On Monday, workers were completing a 1,200-foot addition to the store that gives it considerably more retail space - about 4,000 square-feet total. Taylor said he has invested more than $100,000 in renovation to the building that includes new awnings, new flooring, lighting, installation of a refrigerated "beer cave," parking lot work and other cosmetic improvements.

Including inventory, computer systems, shelving, lighting and other things, Taylor said he expects the store will be a roughly $1 million investment.

"We plan to have a great selection. We will have all the specialty and imported beers and all the fine single barrel bourbons, and a really nice selection of wines also," Taylor said. "Opening a store like this is a huge investment. Hopefully, it will pay off in the long run."

Taylor and his brother, Paul, own a total of six Liquor Mart stores in Kentucky: two in Richmond, and one each in Danville, Lancaster, Manchester and Corbin.

The two are natives of Corbin and graduates of Corbin High School. Taylor said when news broke that Corbin voters had decided to allow packaged liquor sales in the city, he began work immediately on securing a location in his hometown.

"We just love our hometown and were just hoping we could come back here one day and open a business here. I'm glad that's finally happening," Taylor said. "I think by us having six stores, we have a lot of buying power and we will be able to keep prices low here for everybody in Corbin. We will have good prices."

Taylor said he chose Liquor Mart's Corbin location based on traffic patterns along Cumberland Gap Parkway and the ease of accessibility it provides from surrounding communities. He said the store hopes to pull customers not only from Corbin but London, Barbourville, Pineville and even Middlesboro.

Two other liquor store licensees plan to be open in the near future as well.

Liquor King, owned by local businessman Bill Smith, will be located on Cumberland Falls Hwy. in the old Marine-Myers building. Smith said Tuesday the store is on track to open the first week of November. It will be, by far, the largest of Corbin's three liquor stores at roughly 10,000 feet.

Ernie's Fine Wine and Spirits is a 5,000 square-foot store planned for south Corbin near Applebee's. Ernie's owner Kevin Durham told the News Journal last week he plans to break ground on the store in the next few weeks and has received an extension from state alcohol regulators to open in early 2013.


bill (September 26, 2012) Reply

he hasnt broke ground yet give it to some one who will get it done

otis campbell (September 26, 2012) Reply

How many liquor stores do we really need? Come on, do we really need 3 stores for all of these alcoholics? Didn't Carry Nation come through here years ago and wreck a bunch of saloons?

Gene (September 26, 2012) Reply

" will pay off in the long run." Yep, in deaths, DUI's, court costs, injuries, ruined lives and even more broken families. A "huge investment" alright!

local (September 26, 2012) Reply

what is wrong with you old fools the stores are going to open and there's nothing you can do about it Nobody is twisting your arm to go in them or by anything the beer salles have gone on for months and there is no more drunk driving than before But I will add the gas stations putting beer on ice as single cans is a little to much to me thats asking these young 21 year olds to drink and drive but it about time we go into the 21 cent. here

kimberly (September 26, 2012) Reply

I agree about the single cold beer sales. Just asking for someone to pop one open on the way.

ronald parker (September 28, 2012) Reply

hello I would like to see if you needed any help for opening. I'd also like to express an interest in applying for a job with you ona full time basis. I have a ton of relevant experience. Several years of management experience as well as being both a store buyer as well as a corporate buyer my name and tel # are noted below ronald parker 303 maple street corbin, ky 40701 tel. 6065231422 I eagerly await your call for either an interview by tel or I could always come in to speak with you if you were to invite me thank you in advance ronald parker

Kim (September 28, 2012) Reply

You do know your writing to the newspaper, right? This will probably keep you from being hired by anyone, not too bright are ya?

Jason (October 17, 2012) Reply

you people are a bunch of ****ing idiots. its my god****ed constitutional right to drink, u cant take it from me. this place needs more liquor stores, u know why? because it CREATES JOBS! get over ur faggot redneck christian selves and shut the **** up. the rest of the ****in country has more alcohol for the public than this area.. and hmm, does it really raise dui rates? NO.. as many dui's around here from stupid ****ing bootleggers, atleast now people can be more responsible in acquiring alcohol, and there not breaking the law to get it. GO **** OFF DOUCHE BAGS.

Jason (October 17, 2012) Reply

beer on ice is optional, it doesnt encourage u to drink it in ur car on the way home, people open cases and get beers out and do it anyway, its called having the right to a good cold beer as soon as u get home! not having to wait on them to refrigerate. **** OFF GOD I HATE U ****IN HICKS!

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