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Corbin man wanted for lawn equipment theft caught by local constable

James Fields

A Corbin man wanted in connection with the recent theft of over $12,000 in lawn equipment was arrested by a local constable Sunday.

Whitley County Second District Constable Ron Bowling took 24-year-old Joshua Fields, of Worley Lane in Corbin, into custody during a routine patrol of the Barton Mill area at around 12:45 Sunday morning.

According to Bowling, he observed a vehicle parked in the rear of the Miller Park. Upon further inspection, Fields was spotted sleeping in the back seat of the car.

Bowling said a short investigation revealed Fields had an active felony arrest warrant in Whitley County in connection with the theft of a trailer and lawn care equipment valued at around $12,000. The equipment belonged to a Corbin firefighter and has not been recovered.

Bowling said he questioned Fields about the location of the stolen equipment, but that he was uncooperative. Allegedly, Fields sold the items to purchase illegal drugs.

Fields has an active case in Laurel County for manufacturing methamphetamine and drug possession. Bowling said Fields also informed him that he had been recently sentenced to serve prison time for other drug offenses and was set to report to jail in the near future.

Fields was lodged in the Whitley County Detention Center where he remains as of press time.


Victor Hugo (September 12, 2012) Reply

Addicts will do whatever they have to in order to get a fix. This guy is already on his way to prison and the only way he is going get sober is by being forced into it.

1love (September 25, 2012) Reply

josh fields is innocent and earnest wayne doan is the one that has put fields in jail for something he hasn't done. josh has enough on his shoulders to worry about stealing a ****ing trailer and lawn equiptment! hes been spending time with his kid before he goes to prison on manufacturing not theft you dumb ****s!He is a good person he does not steal so maybe the law needs to get a better informent than wyane doan cause he is putting innocent people in jail and still walking the streets, but if he walks to far he will trip on his tail cause everyone knows he is to fat to see it ONE$ LOVe feilds ya still have people out on the streets it will get handled RATS WILL RAT SNITCHES WILL GET STITCHES

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