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Lynn Camp teacher arrested for second DUI

A Lynn Camp High School teacher has been arrested for DUI for a second time over the weekend, and Knox Schools officials are tight-lipped about the incident.

Ray Eric Canady, 40, of Corbin, has been charged with second-offense DUI and for speeding 19 mph over the limit following a traffic stop by Kentucky State Police Saturday.

According to an arrest citation, Canady was pulled over by KSP Trooper Dallas Eubanks after he was observed allegedly traveling 54 mph in a 35 mph zone on KY 1629 (Ohler Road), about three miles east of Corbin.

He failed field sobriety tests. An Intoxilyzer test administered to him at the Barbourville Police Department more than an hour after he was arrested show his blood alcohol level to be .184 - more than double the legal limit of .08.

Canady is listed as an "Exceptional Learning Teacher" at Lynn Camp High School.

Lynn Camp High Vice Principal Anthony Pennington said he was unaware of Canady's arrest and deferred all questions to school Principal Amy Bays and District Superintendent Walter T. Hulett.

Bays could not be reached for comment despite numerous attempts to contact her Tuesday. Likewaise,neither Hulett nor school district Public Relations Director Frank Shelton returned calls seeking comment.

This was Canady's second arrest for DUI. In Aug. 2008 he was arrested by KSP Trooper Kelly Farris for DUI and for driving 80 mph in a 55 mph zone. He eventually pleaded guilty to the charges and was given a 30-day jail sentence, which was probated, and fined $718. His license was also suspended for 90 days.

After his most recent arrest, Canady was lodged in the Knox County Detention Center. Oddly, neither his name nor photo appears on the detention center's Jailtracker system as being a former inmate.

Knox County Jailer Larry D. Hammons said he is unsure why Canady did not appear on the Jailtracker system like all other inmates do. Knox Detention Center records show Canady spent about an hour at the facility before he bonded out.

"I don't know why he's not showing on Jailtracker," Hammons said.

Canady appeared in Knox District Court and pleaded not guilty to both charges Monday. He is free on a $2,500 surety bond. As part of the conditions of his pretrial release, Knox District Judge Skip Hammons ordered that he not drive a motor vehicle or commit any further violations while out on bond.

Canady is scheduled to appear in court again for a pretrial conference in Knox District Court Oct. 26 at 9:30 a.m.


larry jack (September 15, 2010) Reply

we will probably not hear about this again. This is an election year, need I say more. The reason he didn't appear in the Jailtracker is who he is. Canady is a well known name in B'ville. Let us see if he appears in Jailtracker this time. Good job Trouper Eubanks for getting a drunk off our roads.

Jeff (September 16, 2010) Reply

Learn to spell Trooper,,,,,LMAO

lisa scott (September 16, 2010) Reply

Ask them why they just fired their music teacher there too.

Tarah (September 16, 2010) Reply

Actually his picture is on the jailtracker inamte list for knox county.

Clark (September 16, 2010) Reply

It is now but it wasn't until the newspaper pointed it out. I know because I looked.

question (September 17, 2010) Reply

Is the school going to punish him or just let him off the hook again?

students mom (September 17, 2010) Reply

well why would they punish him ? they have teachers over there now teaching our kids drunk off there butts or high and this has been brought to thier attention and nothing has evry been done plus teachers call kids stupid and nothing is ever done the state really needs to do something with this!

maybe (September 18, 2010) Reply

it is bad there at lyn n camp. maybe the state just needs to take over the whole school system that might be the only way to clean up all the good ol boy stuff and dirty politics

Who Knows (September 18, 2010) Reply

Why did they fire the music teacher at Lynn Camp?

lynncamp mom (September 23, 2010) Reply

My son goes there and he tells me stories all the time of teachers who come to school high and do nothing to teach, ones who just stay in each others rooms flirting, and the coach who makes his football team think its cool to womanize and booze, I tried to make him change schools at one point before I knew how bad this was and he did for one year but he was miserable because of leaving his friends so I let him go back. I just dont know why the teachers arent more closely screened? And why do they want to get rid of teachers that truly do teach? Like Mr Chavis, he is an exceptional teacher and every year he is on pins and needles waiting to see IF he has a job the next school year.

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