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Bena Mae's Kitchen: A fond memory of Christmas past

In school we sang Silent Night without fear of reprisals. And no one appeared to be offended by our secular or religious outdoor decorations.

Bena Mae's Kitchen; A must-read for the ladies

When I received the following email from a friend, my first thought was RIGHT ON!

Bena Mae's Kitchen: My mother was not politically correct

Being politically correct means avoiding language that might offend someone.

Bena Mae's Kitchen; So you think you’ve had a bad day?

I don’t do alcohol or pills. I get the same effect standing up. -- Anonymous

Bena Mae's Kitchen; It's about time

This autumn, daylight saving time has us “falling back” — or gaining an hour of sleep — during the wee hours of Sunday, November 1.

Bena Mae's Kitchen; Make it short and sweet

In other words, say it and get it over with.