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Sometimes, stereotypes are right on the money

Stereotypes are bad.

Most of us have had that lesson pounded into our head time and time again, especially as they relate to race, gender, religion or nationality.

Letters to the Editor for 5-4-11

Thanks for all those who made Cecil Foley Benefit a success

To the Editor:

We would like to thank everyone for the help and support that made our benefit a huge success.

A few weeks ago it was just a plan to have a small gathering for Cecil Foley. People from all over the area offered  to help, and help they did, all the way to the end.

A few reasons why Whitley Sheriff is wrong about need for Constables

I must respectfully disagree with Whitley County Sheriff Colan Harrell’s premise that county Constables should be eliminated.

Harrell told Corbin’s Rotary Club last week that the General Assembly erred years ago when they failed to do away with constables.

How long can a newscaster talk without saying anything?

 Many years ago when I was a student at the University of Kentucky, and a student broadcaster, I was broadcasting a UK basketball game when a goal broke.It delayed the game at least 45 minutes. All the while I had to talk. I talked and I talked and I was proud of myself. But when my instructor confronted me he agreed I did talk the whole time, but I said very little.That is how I would describe the newscasters who broke in early on regular programming Sunday night to tell us what President Obama was going to tell us.


Just another silly day in Whitley County's courts

My latest reason to lack faith in our local courts unfolded last week.

Letters to the Editor for 4-20-11

New no smoking policy at BRMC is totally unfair

To the Editor:

This letter is in regards to the new no-smoking policy at Baptist Regional Medical Center. No smoking of anybody in the hospital, outside the hospital, not on the grounds at all, not even in your own vehicle while it is on the grounds. And I can’t find out just exactly where these rules come from. Maybe BRMC President and CEO John Henson can shed us some light on it.

Letters to the Editor for 10-27-10

To the Editor:

This election is the most important one I have seen in my lifetime. At stake are bedrock issues, Capitalism v. Communism; Liberty v. Paternalism; Financial stability v. Financial chaos; Freedom of religion v. Freedom from religion; Job creation v. Job destruction; National survival v. National bankruptcy; Constitutional government v. Liberal agenda.

The day is coming when the scanners will be silent

I am told there are people out there that actually enjoy listening to all the chatter, annoying tones, static and other horrendous noise that commonly issues forth from your typical police scanner.

Letters to the Editor for 6-30-10

To the people of Whitley County:

As most of you are aware of a special Grand Jury was convened on Friday, June 25, 2010 to investigate allegations of wrong doing by Whitley County sheriff Lawrence Hodge and his department. Most of us, if not all of us knew this was going to happen. This didn’t take me by surprise. I have expected it for a couple of months.

Letters to the Editor 6-2-10

Board of directors president defends Corbin Public Library

To the Editor:

 In a recent editorial in the Whitley County News-Journal, Trent Knuckles called those who made the decision to “build” a new Corbin Public Library “foolish or myopic.” The fact that even he admits that is an “unfair” statement did not prevent him from making it.